The 100+ Best Fitness & Wellness Gift Ideas for 2020

The 100+ Best Fitness & Wellness Gift Ideas for 2020

I don’t usually make gift guides, but… It’s 2020, so nothing is usual,

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As I said, I don’t usually make gift guides, but since we’re in a new world
with both virtual and in-person
fitness, I thought I would put together this list for people who are looking
for gift ideas for the active people in their lives – or even for themselves!
(Treat yo’ self!) Gift-giving is my love language, and the holidays are the
perfect time for me to stretch my creative muscle in decorating and selecting
(and sometimes even creating) gifts.

If you’re participating in a virtual white elephant party, you may find this
list helpful for coming up with creative gift ideas under those $25 or $50 pretty common thresholds.

About This List

The goal of this list is to get the gift-giving ideas flowing, and you can
even shop from this list if you want! The full list is broken up into sections
so that you can navigate based on a specific category, or you can look through
the entire list for some brainstorming. Each section of this list includes
items in a variety of price ranges as well as fitness expertise ranges. Here
are the categories contained in this list:

How to Level Up Using this Gift Ideas List

Make a gift basket! Take a few of the items, and create a gift basket for your loved one/friend/colleague. For example, if they’re looking to start their fitness journey, you can take a few items from the general fitness gifts and a
few items from a more specific list, and put them in a nice basket (or hey, if they’re a cyclist, maybe put them in a helmet!). Boom! Next level gift!

Have a Suggestion or Recommended Addition to the List?

Let me know! I would love to
hear your gift ideas!

General Fitness Gifts


Gym Bag
A great gym bag is always a great gift! Even if your gym is closed, you can keep your main fitness essentials in a gym bag for organization purposes. I
Apera* bags. I’ve had my Apera backpack for more than 5 years, and it is in the same condition today as it was when I bought it! They have backpacks and over-the-shoulder bags. If you’re looking to splurge on this gift for the
active woman in your life, I suggest
Go Dash Dot.
Foam Roller
An essential recovery tool, a foam roller is likely one of those unexpected gifts that you didn’t know you needed until you received it! The great thing about foam rollers is that they came in various lengths and materials. I
recommend the
Trigger Point GRID Foam Roller* because it is a really great quality foam
roller and the 13″ version is very space-conscious.
Topical Muscle Relief
This is an active person’s best friend! I highly recommend BioFreeze. I keep one of their rollers in my gym bag. If you didn’t know, now you know:
BioFreeze* is great for sore muscles! Of course, there are plenty of brands out there, including some that include CBD.
Shaker Bottles
Shaker bottles are great to have for your active loved one. They help them blend their smoothies, pre-workout fuel, and anything else they’re mixing up before they begin their workout. I was searching for some more sustainable
bottles as I’m trying to cut out plastic, and I came across this
Mantra bottle from BlenderBottle. It’s definitely a little fancier but still comes in under $25 (in case you’re participating in a virtual white elephant party and are looking for gifts under $25!).
Grippy Socks
For those folks on your list who are into mind/body fitness, grippy socks are
a great gift that they can use for many activities. If boutique studios
in your area are still open, or when they reopen, it’s great to have your
own grippy socks so that you don’t have to pay the additional fees to buy your
Pro tip: These fees tend to cost a lot more for lower-quality socks than if you just bought your own outright! Grippy socks are often used at trampoline parks, so these may come in handy for your next trip, whenever that may be.
Face Masks/Gaiters for Fitness
As we all know by now, all face masks are not built the same. Further, if you have ever tried working out in a cotton mask, you know that the struggle is real. Face masks for fitness are a great gift because it is something that you can’t really have enough of! I recommend the
Under Armour Sportsmask ($30) and the
RunMitts Non-Surgical Face Mask ($15).
Fabletics Gift Card
You all already know that I’m a huge Fabletics fan. But, did you know that they have a men’s line? They have great men’s pieces that are versatile and of excellent quality, making Fabletics a great destination for both men’s and women’s activewear. You can sign up
here, or grab a
Fabletics gift card for an outfit (or multiple outfits).
woman walking with reusable water bottle
Eco-Friendly Water Bottles
I already mentioned eco-friendly shaker bottles, but water bottles are also very important. I absolutely love my
Bougie Bottle ($40) because it comes with some extra tools, you can buy a sling for
it and the designs are really pretty.
Takeya* also has a great range of products at a slightly lower price point, and
Copper H20
makes a great copper water bottle (starting at around $30). There are just so
many water bottles out there, so the key is to get one that will be durable,
versatile (if they may use it for warm and cold beverages),
Silicone Rings
These are great stocking stuffers! They used to be really hard to find, but
now you can find them in stores and online all over the place. I’m linking to
this Amazon page where
you can see some of the most popular styles and brands that they sell, but
they really do have so many different styles and colors available in both
men’s and women’s sizes.
Lock for Locker
This is one of those items that everyone needs but you never know you need it until you need it! If you are shopping for a gym-goer or someone who visits a
lot of boutique studios that don’t have electronic lockers, you definitely need to grab one of these! I personally like the
combination lock style
(maybe because it’s a throwback to when I was too young to have to pay
taxes?), but there are a lot of different styles available.
Fitness-Related Books
Think about the person you’re shopping for: Would they want an autobiography
of an athlete, a guide to starting their fitness journey, information on a
specific lifestyle or diet or something else fitness related? The answer to
this question will unlock all of the different possibilities for fitness
Weight Lifting Gloves
Another great gift for a gym-goer. Some people advocate against lifting gloves
for those who want to work extra on their grip strength, but as a person who
ripped off calluses and had to use the first aid kit in the gym in the middle
of a set of deadlifts, I have to say that lifting gloves are great for most
people – especially those who are just starting out. There are so many
different styles of lifting gloves, and you can buy them from pretty much
every major activewear company and sporting goods store.
HEX Deodorizing Spray
HEX Deodorizing Spray
Okay, hear me out: If you’re a sweaty, stinky athlete,
this is something that you really need*. Do I recommend giving this gift to a
co-worker? No! That is mad rude. Do I recommend this gift for someone close to you who wouldn’t be offended by this gift? Absolutely! I would be happy to receive it, quite frankly, because I know that my running and hiking shoes can get a bit funky from time to time. This spray is also good for the inside of your gym bags, and even your laundry area! This could be a great stocking stuffer for someone close to you.

Workout Technology Gift Ideas

Activity Trackers
I have been a huge Fitbit fan for years, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon! Now that Fitbit makes water-resistant models, I can use it to track during my triathlon training. I mostly use it for running, cycling, yoga, and other types of workouts, and I love using it as a guide to how often I’m getting up during the day – especially now while I’m working from home. If you’re looking for an affordable fitness tracker for someone who is trying to get more serious about tracking their workouts (and sleep!), the Fitbit is a
smart choice! I have the Charge 4, and I love all of the features it has, plus the sleek design. Some people want color on the screen, but I actually like how simple the screen appears. It’s nice and easy to read when you’re on the move!
Emergency Tracker
While we’re social distancing, many of us find ourselves running and hiking solo. An emergency tracker is a great gift to give someone you truly care about. Women’s Running has
this list
of safety tools to use while you’re running, and Trail Runner lists a few GPS trackers you can use when you’re out in remote areas.  
Aftershokz Open Move headphones
Bluetooth Headphones
Bluetooth headphones are great but have you ever tried bone conduction
Bluetooth headphones? They’re the shiznit, y’all! Honestly, if you’re not familiar with them, they are wireless, Bluetooth headphones that go over your ears (not inside), allowing you to hear your surroundings as well as whatever you’re listening to over your headphones. My favorite headphone brand is
Aftershokz* (I’m an ambassador, and that’s my affiliate link!), and I love each of the styles! With their current promotions, there are a
couple of styles you can get for under $100, and they are well worth it! My personal favorites are the Aeropex because I have little ears and they have the smallest profile, but they all have an excellent sound quality and are durable with great battery life. I’m wearing the Open Move style in the photo above.
Massage Gun/Muscle Massager
If you have someone in your life who is very active and is often asking you to
give them massages or complains to you about all of their aches and pains,
this is the gift for them!
This one is my favorite* at the moment because it has an attachment that
actually heats up and delivers complete glory to my quads when they get tight,
but I recently gave
this one* to my brother. It’s quieter and has a smaller profile, and is about $100
cheaper right now.
Portable Blender
For the smoothie/green juice king or queen in your life, I recommend a portable blender. I recently received a BlendJet, and it’s been a real game-changer! It has such a small profile, and I love that it came with mixes that I could put in the blender while on the go, just adding water (I don’t like drinking stuff cold, but that’s me!). If you have limited countertop space, portable blenders are also a great gift because they have a small profile and are usually made for tucking away in your gym bag. They’re easy to clean, and a more outside-the-box gift if you’re shopping for the person who has everything!
Upgrade their Fitness App
There are tons of fitness apps out there that offer various subscription levels. One gift idea is to “level up” someone’s app subscription! I love MyFitnessPal, and they offer additional options for their premium members. Consider which apps your gift recipient uses the most, and considering giving their account a little boost!
Portable Speaker
If the person receiving your gift is doing a lot of solo workouts and loves to jam out while they do (I know I do!), I recommend getting them a little portable speaker. There are of course lots of different styles and price points, but the one I use has an awesome battery life (I honestly don’t even remember charging it this entire year!) and is under $50, regardless of which color you pick (mine is red).

Fitness Equipment Gift Ideas



Dumbbells really come in handy for at-home strength training and virtual workout classes. I suggest grabbing either some heavier dumbbells (15 pounds or heavier) as a pair or grabbing a full set of small or medium dumbbells*. They’re just so great to keep around the house, and they can help tremendously with strength training – especially if you don’t have the space for a barbell.
Portable Barre
I have a confession: This one is on my wishlist! When I teach virtual barre classes, I actually have to use a chair in place of a barre, which works just fine, but I could do so much more with a portable barre! If you have someone in your life who is a barre fan, I highly recommend one of these portable barres. We use the Fluidity Barre system at my gym, which is how I first learned about this style of barre. They’re really cool if you haven’t checked them out before!
Resistance Bands
Can you ever really have enough resistance bands? These are great because they are a great fitness tool, and they’re pretty inexpensive, so they work well for gift exchanges and stocking stuffers! You can find resistance bands online and in-person at major retailers and in sporting goods stores. They are everywhere, it seems!
Not the best for apartment-dwellers, but kettlebells are another great workout tool! For those who are unfamiliar with kettlebells, you don’t necessarily need to buy a set of kettlebells. You can do a lot with just one! In fact, a lot of the most common kettlebell moves are done with just one kettlebell.
Battle Ropes
If you are purchasing gifts for someone with a back yard or garage where they like to work out, battle ropes are another one of those “I didn’t even think about it, but I’m so glad I have these now!” type of gifts. They provide a great workout, and you can buy them at different weights. I wish I had space because I would definitely buy myself some battle ropes*!
TRX System and/or Accessories
I’m certified as a TRX Coach in Suspension Training, and I have to say that the TRX suspension system is such a great tool! You can use it for a number of exercises, HIIT workouts, and even stretching, and this version can be used as with a door, hanging from your ceiling, or even at a local park’s jungle gym! There are tons of add-ons and accessories, so if you’re buying gifts for someone who already has a TRX system, you may want to consider picking up some accessories for them – or even an app subscription where they can find a number of guided workouts!

Gift Ideas for Yogis

Fun fact: You can grab some great gifts from Yoga Outlet*! They have all the yoga essentials and great fitness gear from tons of popular brands, and they usually have some great sales. I suggest that you check out this post if you’re curious about how to help someone set up their at-home yoga practice area. 
Yoga Mat
This one might seem obvious, but a yoga mat for a yogi, while not entirely necessary, is most commonly used during yoga practice. There are all sorts of yoga mat styles, materials, sizes, and thicknesses, all of which you should keep in mind when shopping for your yogi. One interesting gift idea is to grab a travel yoga mat*. This is especially useful for the yogi in your life who may take their mat out with them when they’re hiking. I personally have the Jade Harmony Yoga Mat* which has all-natural rubber, but a great yoga mat at a cheaper price point is the Gaiam yoga mat*. Another eco-friendly yoga mat at a higher price point is the Liforme Signature Mat, though some people would rather splurge on the Manduka mat*, which comes highly recommended by a lot of my fellow yoga teachers.
Yoga Blankets
Yoga blankets are great for restorative and yin yoga practice (think gentler yoga styles), but can also be used during vinyasa practice, or even just practicing outdoors! Yoga Outlet has tons of yoga blanket styles*, but this one is my favorite yoga blanket* at the moment. It’s well made, sturdy, and has a bit more blanket to it than some of my other yoga blankets.

Yoga Blocks
Every yogi should have a set of yoga blocks! Many people think that yoga blocks are a sign of weakness, that you’re not flexible enough to get into a pose; however, yoga blocks really help to enhance your practice. They can provide support where your hips are in improper alignment, for example, or help you get even deeper into a pose if you’re hyper-flexible. I really love my new cork blocks*, but I also use my foam blocks* – especially when I’m practicing restorative yoga and want a block that’s a bit softer. They sell blocks at Target and sporting goods stores, so it’s pretty easy to find them if this is a gift you’re planning to purchase.
Yoga Strap
This is a great stocking stuffer! It’s always nice to have a yoga strap, even if you don’t use it every time you practice yoga. If the yogi in your life practices a lot of yin yoga, this is really an essential tool for them.
Yoga Wheel
This is another item that I would love to have, but don’t currently have one in my at-home yoga space. A yoga wheel* can help deepen some of your backbends and has a number of other uses. They’re not necessarily the cheapest item out there, but if you’re looking for a creative gift more in the $50 range, this is definitely something to consider.
Whether there’s a yoga app they like (I currently use Peloton and Athletes for Yoga), a subscription-based activewear line they love, or maybe you’re interested in subscribing to Yoga Journal, a yoga-related subscription may be just the perfect gift for the yogi in your life!
Yoga Mat Bag
Most yoga mats don’t come with a strap or carrier, so a yoga mat bag* is a great way to store your bags and props, as well as take your yoga mat on the go. They come in different prints and materials, and many come with zippers and pockets for your props or other belongings.
Incense and/or candles can help enhance your yoga practice, especially if you’re practicing a more restful or restorative practice. Further, some yogis like to stare into the flame of a candle while meditating. Whatever floats your boat! I love the chakra incense cones and sticks from World Market
Jewelry and Trinkets
An anklet, a bracelet, or even a decorative wall hanging can help spruce up your at-home yoga space. I love visiting World Market in general, but it’s always fun to visit for my yoga needs.
Light On Yoga* and/or Other Yoga Books
Yogis love a good yoga book! If you are shopping for someone who might be new to yoga, Light On Yoga* is a great foundational text, as are The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali*. There are also books that focus on the mindfulness aspect of yoga, as well as more specific styles of yoga.
Mat Cleaner
If you’re looking to DIY your gifts, this is a super easy DIY project that you can easily customize. For some guidance, here’s a post I did about how to make your own yoga mat cleaner. Of course, you can buy yoga mat cleaner, but if you make a DIY yoga mat cleaner, you can always get creative with the spray bottle and the fragrance!
Yoga Towel
If you know a sweaty yogi or one who practices hot yoga, a yoga towel is an essential tool. You can lay it right on top of your yoga mat, and it can help prevent slipping.

Gift Ideas for Hikers and the Outdoorsy People/Person in Your Life

Trekking Poles
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love trekking poles, and I don’t care who knows it! Trekking poles are great for hiking, regardless of your experience level.
Having good hiking socks can often make or break your hiking experience. Hiking socks are easy stocking stuffers, and honestly, can you ever really have enough socks? My favorite socks right now are made by Balega (I recommend the Enduro Quarter or the Blister Resist Quarter Running Socks). As a Balega Impi Ambassador, I’ve gotten to try out pretty much every sock they have, and I have to say that these are great for both hiking and trail running. Smartwool also makes great socks for all-weather hiking and outdoor activities.
hiking the Appalachian Trail in Frederick, Maryland

Durable Sunglasses

I was introduced to goodr sunglasses last summer, and I am so disappointed that I didn’t learn about them sooner! They are fun, functional, and inexpensive (you can get most pairs for $20-25). I like to wear them while I’m running, cycling, hiking, playing volleyball, and plenty of other activities.
Earth-Friendly Bug Repellant
Like having bad socks can make your outdoor experience frustrating, bugs can sometimes make it even worse! I love Bug Ban by NOW Foods, but there are so many bug repellants out there. Pro tip: Bug spray was so hard to come by this summer! This would be a great stocking stuffer, and it may be one of those gifts that they really appreciate when spring and summer roll around and they can’t get it anywhere online or in the stores!
If you have a loved one or friend who is always the person covered in mosquito bites you need to pick up a BiteAway* for them! If you want to learn more about this tool, check out this podcast interview I did with the folks from BiteAway.
Hiking Guide Books
Since everyone reading this is hopefully staying in their immediate area and social distancing, it’s a great opportunity to explore hiking trails in your area. There are tons of great hiking guide books, and most areas have guide books that are specific to that region.
Hats/Ear Warmers
Warm hats and ear warmers are essential for cold-weather outdoor activities; however, not all hats and ear warmers are built equally. For the outdoor enthusiast, you want a hat that will keep them warm, but that is also moisture-wicking. The last thing you want is a soggy hat when you’re out hiking!
Hydration Pack
Staying hydrated is important in everyday life, but it can be a bit challenging when you’re out in the middle of nowhere on a hiking trail. There are many brands and styles* out there, but I really like the kinds that are more catered to your body. For example, I tend to purchase women’s hydration packs because of the way they are designed across the chest. This is just something to be mindful of when you’re shopping for hydration packs.
I was on Amazon looking up the hydration packs, and I found this hydration pack dryer*, which is a pretty nifty gift for someone who already has plenty of hydration packs. They also recommended hydration pack cleaner tablets*, which is honestly something that I should probably be adding to my cart. Be right back…
Body Wipes
Body wipes are essential to both indoor and outdoor athletes, and I have yet to find a better wipe than the Shower Pill* (now Hustle Clean) body wipes. You can actually use one wipe for your entire body – they really are that thick and durable. I throw one of these in my bag and car every time I go hiking!
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Hiking Backpacks and Daypacks
Hiking backpacks are essential for backpacking (overnight camping where you hike to your campsite), and daypacks are essential for long hikes (and sometimes short ones too). REI has a great selection of backpacks for a variety of purposes. Pro tip: If you’re in the market for a backpacking bag, check to see if the one you pick comes with a hydration pack. This is a great way to buy two items for the price of one!
Snow Pants
For the winter sports athlete, snow pants are a must. There are plenty of outdoor sites that carry snow pants, so make sure you know the size of the person you’re shopping for.

Gift Ideas for Runners

This is a wonderful option for a stocking stuffer for someone you love. I wouldn’t recommend a ROAD iD for a white elephant gift or a secret Santa gift for someone who isn’t terribly close to you (you’ll need a name, emergency contact information, and medication/allergies), but this is a very thoughtful gift for someone close to you. It’s a great safety tool that is very easy to put on and go.

Running Belt

I almost never run without a running belt. These are really good for stocking stuffers, white elephant parties, and secret Santa. There are many different styles, and some even come with mini water bottles (great for trail runners!). Check out this list from Runner’s World for some suggestions.
Running Socks
Just like with hiking, having good socks can often make or break your experience. I feel like you can never have enough running socks – especially if they can also be used for other activities. My favorite running socks are also made by Balega, and they have so many different styles and colors to choose from!
Cold-Weather Running Jacket
There are, of course, tons of brands out there, but I’m a huge fan of lululemon’s running jackets in general, and their cold-weather running jackets are my favorite!
Light-Up Running Gear
Since our daylight hours are shorter these days in the northern hemisphere, many runners are finding themselves running in the dark. A light-up vest that keeps the athlete visible to cars and bicycles is important for safety. I run with the Amphipod Xinglet, but there are many styles and colors to choose from! Reflective bands and headlamps are other light-up accessories that make excellent gifts for everyone moving in the outdoors when it’s dark outside.

These are some of the coolest items I’ve added to my running gear this year! These running mittens can be transformed to slide over your hands and sleeves so that you don’t run the risk of losing them! There are water-resistant versions and fleece versions out there. Learn more about RunMitts’ owner and creator in this Sweat Fearlessly Podcast interview.
Warm Running Hat and/or Ear Warmers
Another thing I think you can never have enough of! There are some great options for men and women via lululemon*, prAna, and many others.

Gift Ideas for Your Group Fitness Instructor, Yoga Teacher, and/or Personal Trainer

Amazon Gift Card
It’s no secret: You can buy everything under the sun on Amazon. When it comes to the regular needs of a group fitness instructor, yoga teacher, or personal trainer, Amazon is a great catch-all gift card* to buy! What’s more, you don’t need to know their size or favorite color to grab a gift card!
Microphone Belt
Whether they are teaching classes virtually or in-person, this is an essential item. My favorite belt is the Aeromic*. It was recommended to me by one of my students who is also a BodyPump instructor, and I’ve been rocking this same mic belt for almost two years with absolutely no issues. I’ve had other brands where the belt has had issues, but that has not been the case for my Aeromic. I highly recommend it!
If you really really love the fitness professional in your life, I know one thing that all of us keep talking about: microphones! If you know what you’re doing as far as microphones go (especially for teaching virtual classes), go for it! This can be a determining factor as to whether or not students have a pleasant experience.
Say what now? It’s true! If your fitness professional is teaching in-person classes, chances are that they use batteries. A pack of batteries – especially if they’re rechargeable! – can be a nice quick and easy gift, and would even be great for a white elephant party filled with fit pros!LED Candles

A lot of yoga teachers and some group fitness instructors like to utilize candles – either real or LED. This is a fun gift that helps enhance their class experience and the ambiance of the room.

Hear me out on this one: You can pick up a curtain or vinyl backdrop online for under $20! If the fit pro in your life teaches virtual classes, they will likely appreciate a thoughtful gift like this. I know I would love to receive one!

Ring Light

Not just for selfies, this tool helps people see the instructor even better when they’re teaching virtual classes. You can grab a ring light that comes with a tripod and attaches to their cell phone – a real lifesaver!
Mini Speaker
I know I shared the portable speaker idea way up near the top of this list, but I think it’s worth repeating! I use this one for leading workouts, cooking, and just generally jamming out on my own. It has an awesome battery life (I honestly don’t even remember charging it this entire year!) and is under $50, regardless of which color you pick (mine is red).

Hand Sanitizer
This one probably goes without saying, right?
Fitness Hand Towels
I’m a firm believer that you cannot have enough of these – especially in the current times we’re living in! I like to bring my own towels to the gym just to limit the contact other people have with the things I’m touching. If you can find a fitness hand towel that has the name of the person embroidered on it, that would make the gift that much more special!
Hair Ties
If you have a fitness professional in your life who has medium to long hair, a pack of hair ties can be a lifesaver! You could even attach a card that says, “for your gym bag!” as a suggestion for where to keep this pack of hair ties. Whether they’re scrunchies, rubber bands, etc. doesn’t necessarily matter when you’re having a hair-mergency!
A pack of headbands is a thoughtful gift for fitness professionals – both male and female. Try a print, a fun color, or a pack with a variety of sizes.

Gift Ideas for People Starting their Fitness Journey or Working Out for the
First Time


Fitness Journal

Keeping track of your fitness goals and progress – whether electronically or with pen and paper – can help you stay accountable. There are so many brands out there that sell fitness journals that I can’t even make a firm suggestion at this point, so pick one that speaks to the personality of the gift recipient.
Motivational Calendar
Just like with fitness journals, there are lots of brands that sell motivational calendars, with encouraging words and phrases to help you along your journey.


Holy digestive track, Batman! When you first start changing your diet and eating healthier, your gut health gets all aflutter. I cannot recommend Seed* enough! Right now, through December 26, get 20% off your first month of the Daily Synbiotic* (my go-to probiotic) with the code FLECKS20.
High-Quality Cookware
If you’re purchasing gifts for someone who is planning to cook at home a heck of a lot more, I recommend Caraway’s line of cookware*. They have some great deals going on right now, too! This has made meal prepping so much easier for me – especially the Dutch oven!
Meal Prep Containers/Storage Bags
Grove Collaborative* has really great food storage* containers! I love their reusable snack bags and sandwich bags – not only because they are eco-friendly, but also because I can throw them in the dishwasher!
Workout Apps
My two current go-to apps for general fitness (as opposed to a specialized app) are Les Mills On Demand* and Peloton. For the Les Mills app, you get tons of workouts, and you can actually try it for free for 30 days! For Peloton, you don’t actually need the bike or treadmill – you can get the app and the cost is way less!
There are so many different hydration tools out there! Recoup Wellness is a new-to-me brand that I absolutely love! They use ginger in their drinks, and the flavors are good and refreshing!
Grocery Store Gift Cards
This is one of my favorite kinds of gift cards to give because everybody eats! Pick a grocery store that you know the gift recipient shops at, or pick a store that is in their home area. Seriously, everyone eats!
Family Scale
If your family or a family you know is going on a health and wellness journey collectively, a scale that stores data* for each individual family member can be a helpful tool. There are so many scales out there, so something to consider would be the weight range, whether it comes with an app, the material it’s made from, and the size and weight of the scale itself.
Collagen is great to add to your coffee or tea in the morning, it helps with post-workout recovery, and it’s great for your skin, hair, and nails! I recommend the Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate* because it’s a great product, and it won’t break the bank!
Waist Beads
Believe it or not, my mom made this suggestion for the list! If you know about waist beads and have been wanting to get a set for a loved one or even just buy one for yourself, there are some really great-looking waist beads on Etsy!

Gift Ideas for Swimmers

No matter the type of swimming they’re doing, the swimmer in your life is using a towel! I love this towel* because it dries so quickly and wraps up small!
Swim Cap
There are tons of styles and colors out there! If they have a lot of hair or even just thick hairstyles, I recommend the Soul Cap!
Another tool for swimming that helps make your experience more pleasant. There are different shapes and features for goggles, but even the standard goggles you find at sporting goods stores are good to have! It also doesn’t hurt to have an extra pair.
Pull Buoy
These are wonderful tools for swimming drills and general swim practice. I don’t have a specific brand to suggest, so I’ll leave it to the reviewers for you!

Swim Fins
Swim fins were definitely one of the coolest tools I used when I was training for my (since postponed) triathlon. It really helped me focus on my breathing and my arms. This is an essential tool for swimmers, which makes it a practical gift!
Holy cow is it a good workout for your legs to use the kickboard! All those years of watching other people use them and make them look easy had me fooled when I finally started using one! Swim Outlet has plenty of options for kickboards as well as most of the other items in this list of gift ideas for swimmers.
Hand Paddles
I haven’t actually used hand paddles before, but one of the triathlon YouTubers I follow (Triathlon Taren) uses them for his workouts, so I know they’re legit!
Waterproof Stopwatch 
Water makes all of your electronics susceptible to serious problems, so why risk it? Grab a waterproof stopwatch for the swimmer in your life, and they can use it to track their efforts.
Waterproof Headphones
This is one of the cooler gadgets on this entire list! I’ve already told you about Aftershokz* and how amazing they are, but you might be excited to know that they make headphones specifically for swimming! The Xtrainerz* is their waterproof headphones that can actually store music in MP3 format so you can jam while you’re getting in those laps!
Water Weights
Not to be confused with the other kind of water weight, these are essentially dumbbells that you can use in the water. For your swimmer, or maybe someone who is interested in getting into aquatic aerobics, water weights can help them along their fitness journey.
Flip Flops
Few things are more unpleasant than forgetting your flip flops at the pool, especially if your only choice of shoes is Ugg boots. Sadly, I’ve made this mistake more than once, and want to send out this PSA so that other swimmers don’t have to struggle the way I have. 😆 There are of course so many different types of flip flops out there, but my current favorite is Sanuk flip flops made from yoga mat material*. They’re inexpensive but feel so great on your feet!
Waterproof Mini Bag
For someone who heads from the pool to other activities, this is a must-have. Not only does it keep all of your wet clothes together, but it also prevents your dry clothes, electronics, and anything else in your bag from getting wet.
By far the priciest item I’m suggesting for swimmers, this is something I would suggest for someone very close to you whose size you know. Are they a surfer, open water swimmer, triathlete? This is something to consider before purchasing this investment piece.

Gift Ideas for Cyclists

Cycling Gloves
I love cycling gloves for my outdoor rides in general (my baby hands take a beating from gripping the handlebars for hours!), but cold-weather cycling gloves are clutch! Cold hands are probably the main thing I want to avoid when cycling in the winter and fall, so I know that I personally would love some cold-weather gloves!
Cycling Cleats
For the cardio king or queen in your life, cycling cleats make a major difference in the experience! I talk to my students about this all the time, and I have never had anyone disagree that it makes a big difference cycling in regular sneakers versus cycling cleats. I have two pairs of cycling cleats, and the ones I use the most easily transfer from the bike to walking around, making them great for commuters and people who like to walk around after their classes. These are the TIEM Slipstream shoes, and I cannot stop raving about them! Use the code LEX10 for 10% off your TIEM purchase.
Bike Monitor
Whether for your outdoor bike or your stationary bike, having a tracking tool that allows you to check your pace, distance, and time is helpful for monitoring your fitness goals.
Cycling Kit
What the heck even is a cycling kit? It’s one of those fancy cycling outfits where the bottom and the top match and you look fierce! They often reflect the personality of the rider, and sometimes are even branded based on where you ride or which club or group you belong to. Coeur makes some gorgeous cycling kits for women. Use the code AlexisLovesCoeur15 for 15% off!

SPD Cleats
These are the most common types of cleats on indoor cycling bikes, and they’re also popular for other bikes. Having an extra set of screws and cleats are helpful for cyclists of all types. You never know when you might need to replace a set! If they have plenty of cleats, I suggest grabbing a screwdriver for them to keep in their gym bag or near their cycling gear.

Skincare Gift Ideas

Does this seem like a weird category for fitness and wellness gift ideas? Consider this: If you are sweating regularly and/or outdoors on the regular, there are some extra steps you have to take to protect your skin!

FRÉ Skincare

This brand is one of my go-to brands for my pre- and post-workout skin care regiment. Their 123FRÉ set is one of my favorites, and I especially love the facial moisturizer with built-in SPF. Use the code AR for a major discount on your online order*!

All That Yazz
My favorite soap line! All That Yazz has some great natural soaps and her Pink Himalayan Salt soap is the best for the sweatiest, stinkiest days. For gifts like soap and body spray, I always suggest these for the people closest to you so that you don’t offend people with whom you might be less familiar. No need to offend anyone with your well-intentioned gift! Check out my interview with All That Yazz owner Yasmine Bandali-Alvarado to learn more about the brand.
Kari Gran
I am a huge fan of the Kari Gran brand (the Lip Whip is life), but the gift I’m going to suggest for this list is the Essentials Mini Kit* because it has pretty much everything you need to get your skincare routine in order.
Rose Oil
Rosehip oil is the truth for moisturizing dry skin! My favorite is Pai’s Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil*, and it is worth every penny. What makes this a great gift is that it’s a nice treat that works magic on your skin and that it’s something that the gift recipient may not have thought of buying on their own.
I don’t know if you call it sunblock or sunscreen, but this is a must-have for everyone – athlete or not! Grab some sunblock as a stocking stuffer, an add-on to another item on this list, or even grab some for a white elephant party. Why not?! It’s something that everyone should be using, isn’t it?
Dry Brush
Holy Skin Care Routine, Batman! My dry brush has totally changed my morning routine and I’m not mad about it AT. ALL. I received this brush from Prana Brush and it is easy peasy. It’s a great gift for all athletes, and is a nice reminder to take care of your skin!
Sustainable Bar Shampoo/Conditioner
I’m probably all late on this (especially since I know now that there are many options out there now), but bar shampoo and conditioner is a great skincare gift to consider – especially for the outdoorsy person in your life. Check out Upfront Cosmetics for their Earth-friendly options.

Have a Suggestion or Recommended Addition to the List?

Let me know! I would love to
hear your gift ideas!

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