Mama Got a New Pair of Shoes

I am so excited! I ordered a new pair of running shoes, and they arrived today! I’ll be posting a video explanation of everything when I have some extra time on my hands, but for now, just know that I bought a pair of Hoka One One Clifton 5s, and they’re my first Hokas ever. PLUS, they’re my first non-black running shoes in several years!

I have gone through plenty of running shoes over the years (I’ve used them for distance but also mud runs and grass volleyball tournaments), but there is one pair that always ends up back on my feet, despite their current state. When I was getting ready the night before my last race, I was going through all of my old #FlatLex photos, and there they were. Right in the #FlatLex photo for my Nike Women’s 15K. In Toronto. IN 2015!!!! 😬 These shoes will surely make an appearance in this upcoming video because they are my perfect running shoes!

You guys already know I love Road Runner Sports (check out this throwback review of my first Shoe Dog experience at Road Runner), so I’m not going to take you through all of that again. Just know this: I cannot wait to take these new shoes out for a run! I think I’ve finally cracked my running shoe conundrum, but the first run in these shoes should tell me if my hypothesis is correct.

The hypothesis? I need a neutral shoe with a good amount of cushion. Stay tuned to find out if these shoes did the trick!

Do you stick to a specific brand when it comes to running shoes? Is there a particular style that you like? Do you have a favorite pair of shoes that you know are probably well beyond their expiration date, but you can’t seem to part ways with them?

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