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Quick and Dirty – My Spring/Summer Goal for Flecks of Lex

As my current favorite TV doctor says, “how y’all doin’?” This is a quick and dirty post about… well, future quick and dirty posts.

I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflecting over the last couple of months, and I realize I impose a lot of additional stress and pressure on myself – much of which is excessive if I’m being honest with myself. One of those additional pressures is right here, with Flecks of Lex. I think that I have to write all of these long posts with precision and perfection, take all of this time taking photos and editing them so that they fit into the right social media dimensions, and thinking about SEO and catchy titles, and it often prevents me from writing at all! This was not even the reason why I started this blog, so why am I letting this mindset prevent me from doing what I came here to do in the first place?!

I started this blog to – first and foremost – hold myself accountable during my fitness journey and get back into writing, and as time passed, it also became a way for me to share my story with people starting out on their own fitness journeys. Well, how the heck can I do that if I don’t ever post stuff??

So, while I will have long posts here and there when I have the time to craft them (because there is something that happens to my brain when I get to write a long-form post), I want to make sure that I’m sharing even short little tidbits and stories with you. And with that, quick and dirty posts, here I come!

What are some short posts you would like to see on Flecks of Lex? What brought you here in the first place? Do you set up artificial or superficial obstacles for yourself that prevent you from being successful in a specific task/activity?

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