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Workout Wednesday: A Little Joe Biden Inspiration

Today, despite having a knee that looks like I fell off a tricycle (totally skinned and gross), I went for a 30-minute walk with my colleagues during lunch, and decided to do a timed mile on the track after work.

I’ve been trying to focus on my speed and form as of late, and the timed mile was definitely a test to see where I am. Unfortunately, I was not terribly motivated after work today, and almost didn’t even go to the track. I took forever changing into my running clothes, leaving the parking garage, and driving to the high school located less than a mile from my office (it’s on the way home, and the weather looked suspicious, okay!). Once I figured out where the track was located (this was my first time there), I asked a gentleman at the school where the best place would be to park. He informed me that I was in the best parking lot to access the track, and showed me how to get down there. I thanked him, and found myself a decent parking spot.

As I sat there in my car, fiddling with my playlist and trying to decide what I wanted to take to the track with me, I observed a motorcade pulling into the parking lot. There were a couple of limos, a few Suburbans, and a couple of Secret Service vehicles. None of the lights were on, and there were no sirens, so I figured it was probably just a high-ranking member of Congress. Living in the DC area, you get used to seeing motorcades, so it’s not a huge deal.

I was a little curious, so I finally got my stuff together and got out of the car. As I walked toward the track, I saw who the person in question was: Mr. Vice President himself, Joe Biden.



Now, being as close to the real-life version of Leslie Knope I could possibly be, of course I was excited! I decided that I wasn’t going to geek out too hard, since I’d already had a photo opp with him back in October. (First world problems, amirite?) Instead, I decided that I was just going to wave and say hello.

Easier said than done.

What I did instead was turn into typical Awkward Alexis, and make something that is a normal human thing seem nearly impossible. I awkwardly waved, fingers together, wrist barely above my waist, and said, “hello,” in quite possibly the weirdest voice I’ve ever heard come from my body. WHY? Fortunately, VP Biden, in his aviators and casual chic clothing is way more chill than I could ever dream to be, said hello back, and went inside the school.

Took this selfie right after I greeted the Vice President
 of the United States of America. Awkwardness lingers.

I got my butt down to the track, walked around in circles for a bit while I tried to process how I could fail so hard, and finally started my four laps around the track. My being a total weirdo actually made me forget about my injured knee temporarily, and I went at a pretty decent clip, thanks to Joe (I think?). I drank some of my water, walked up the stairs back up to the parking lot, and took my time getting into my car. I was hoping I would see “Can I Call Ya Joe?” Biden again before I left so that I could redeem myself, but he was still inside the school. Alas, no redemption. Instead, I called my best friend on my drive home, who laughed at me like any normal person would. 😐 I punished myself with a minute-long plank, and ate some delicious slow-cooked cabbage I made last night. A shower and some garbage TV is how I’m now ending my evening.

As weird as today was as a whole, I still count it as a victory. I mean, I had a two word conversation with the VP for goodness’ sake!
What motivates you to run faster? Is it the glistening smile of Joe Biden? Do you know anyone who can wear aviators better than Joe Biden? Do you know if my being awkward will end before the 4th of July?

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