5 Popular Episodes, 5 New Podcasts, and 5 Old Favorites on International Podcast Day 2020

Today is International Podcast Day!

Did you know that I’m hosting my own podcast, The Sweat Fearlessly Podcast? I’m also co-hosting the Fit Black Queens podcast!

In this post, I’ll be sharing some information about the podcasts I’m hosting, but also some great podcasts I’ve been listening to lately.

The Sweat Fearlessly Podcast

I have been having a blast with this podcast!
I’ve had the opportunity to interview some really interesting guests, and the mini-episodes have been a little therapeutic for me. I haven’t published any of my Shrute Facts episodes, but I’m hoping to get a couple published before I wrap up this first season.

5 Most-Popular Episodes

It’s been really fascinating for me to see which episodes have resonated the most with listeners! These episodes are all very different, and they’ve even been marketed differently (or not even at all!), but they have all been on the main principle of the podcast: sweating fearlessly (check out this mini-episode for an explainer). 

Interview With An Athlete: Christie Golusbki

This episode has been the most popular episode by far, and it’s no surprise why. Christie had a brain aneurysm right before her 30th birthday, and shares what she remembers from that time period, and how she worked hard to regain her independence and return to her busy life. 

Why I Started Yoga Teacher Training

This is a mini-episode about why I decided to start yoga teacher training (I’m almost done, y’all!). I actually wrote a blog post about the process and explained a little bit more about my training in case you’re interested in learning more. 

Meet RunMitts

I found out about RunMitts by accident, and I’m so glad I did! Susan Clayton, the creator of RunMitts, is a fellow Marylander. She is such a savvy businesswoman, and she has been receiving a ton of press lately about a new product that she describes in this episode – the RunMitts face mask! These masks were recently featured in Runner’s World as one of the best face masks for runners!

Interview With An Athlete: Tikima Thompson

Tikima Thompson is one of my closest friends, and it was such a treat interviewing her! Her interview is centered around finding confidence, and she talks about her journey from college dance student to group fitness instructor and certified personal trainer. This episode will make you laugh!

What is Carb Cycling?

Throughout the pandemic, I managed to lose over 15 pounds! I’ve sustained this weight loss, and the way that I did it was through a customized carb cycling plan designed by De Bolton. This episode is an interview with De and a discussion of what carb cycling is, how it feels, and how it worked for me.

The Fit Black Queens Podcast

We actually started this podcast before I officially launched The Sweat Fearlessly Podcast, so I feel like I’m learning how to be a podcaster in double time! 
I co-host this podcast with four very impressive ladies who inspire me and motivate me to be a better version of myself each and every day. We discuss a variety of issues impacting Black women, including mental health, wellness, and fitness. 
The fellow co-hosts are:
We are in the second season of this podcast, and we have had some great guests on! Some of the episodes that give me the best laughs are the ones where we don’t have any guests, and you get to hear all of the crazy things we get into week over week. 

5 Podcasts I’m Digging Right Now

I can’t just promote myself all day! I listen to a lot of podcasts (#sorrynotsorry), especially since I sit at my desk at home for 10-12 hours per day. I have to keep myself occupied somehow! I normally use Spotify to listen to podcasts, so the links I’m sharing below are all for the Spotify versions of each of these podcasts.

That’s Not On Brand

This podcast is co-hosted by my dear friend Tikima and her sister Bre’Nai. It’s funny, it’s sad, it’s perplexing, but it’s all raw emotion. Some of the episodes can be triggering for some folks, but I really appreciate the way they talk so openly about some traumatic experiences and dark periods in their lives. Their episodes where they talk about pop culture always crack me up, and I feel like I’m just on a road trip with two sisters, third wheeling it while they commit hijinx. 

Shiny Objects

Keeping with the family theme, this episode is hosted by cousins Jamie and Alyse, who are also friends of mine. They started what you may know as Sweat Pink (now Flex & Flow) and share some of the ups and downs of being a business owner. I love the episodes where they speak openly about failures, which is a very difficult thing to do, and is something most people wouldn’t make themselves vulnerable to. But that’s why it works!

Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

As a new yoga teacher, I feel like I have just barely scraped the surface on actually being a yoga teacher and what that means. Mado Hesselink does a great job of bringing on guests who are experts in a variety of yoga-centric topics. She even has an online community and a great resource guide for yoga teachers on her website! This is a must-listen for yoga teachers and even yoga students!

Black Girl In Om

This is another fabulous yoga-centric podcast! Lauren Ash has such an amazingly calming voice, and I love that she has meditations built into her episodes. There are really interesting guests, and I think that Lauren provides an important perspective on mental health and wellness. I love listening to this show on longer drives – especially when there’s traffic (which seems like there shouldn’t be anymore?) and I need to avoid road rage!

Naked Beauty

Since I’ve been getting more interested in clean beauty and skincare, this podcast has been a breath of fresh air! I’ve learned all types of DIY skincare hacks, and Brooke DeVard brings on some really fascinating guests! I still haven’t made her turmeric mask yet, but my goal is to make it before the year ends! I’m determined to try it! I enjoy following her on Instagram as well because I feel like I learn even more from her there!

5 Podcasts I Raved About Last Year

I’m not going to go through these all over again, but here’s a longer write-up of my favorite podcasts from last year. The ones I’m still regularly listening to:

Final Thoughts

There are so many podcasts out there! True crime shows are super popular, but I’ve noticed a definite shift in the types of podcasts I’m regularly listening to these days, and I believe it’s both a sign of the times and my shift to focusing more on self-awareness and mindfulness. These days, I’m listening to stories of personal growth and triumph and working on my own personal development. Are the podcasts you’re listening to these days different from your pre-2020 podcasts?
I’d love to hear about your favorite shows! Please share them in the comments! I’m always on the hunt to add more podcasts to my list.

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