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My 5 Goals for October

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I feel like I say this every month, but… can you believe it’s already October?? We have three full months left of this hot mess called 2020, and who even knows what else is in store for this calendar year? I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping for some good news around here!
October marks the start of month number 7 during this pandemic, and it’s so weird to imagine what the holidays are going to look like in this COVID-19 world. It’s also hard for me to imagine a time in the future where I won’t be wearing a mask. Strange, innit?
With October comes the cool breeze of fall for us folks on the East Coast. I love this time of year because it has it’s own color palette and fragrance! Fall in the DC Metro Area is always gorgeous!

My 5 Goals for October

It’s a new month, which means that it’s time for some goal-setting! I have goals in different areas of my life, and while some may be easier to accomplish than others, they are all part of a bigger picture for me. 
Here’s a quick overview of my goals, and I’ll do a deeper diver within this post:
  • Yoga Certification
  • Crush it With My Business
  • Practice More Yoga
  • Get More Sunlight
  • Get My Run On

Yoga with Lex

Yoga Certification

If you feel like I’ve been talking about this forever, how the heck do you think I feel?? It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that I’ve finished an entire 200 hours of yoga teacher training during a pandemic, but here we are! 
Currently, I’ve taught two yoga classes: a 20-minute vinyasa flow, and a 60-minute vinyasa flow. I learned different things from both of these classes, and I’m sure I’ll be sharing those with you all in due time. 
What do I have left to do? Now, I just wait! I’ve taught my classes, passed my exam, written my essay, watched over 50 hours of videos, and read a lot of materials, so now it’s time for me to wait and see if I get my certification! 
My original goal was to be done by September 30, which I would have been, had I realized sooner that I had to write an essay and actually film two classes in order to complete everything. It’s all good, though. The more I practice, the more comfortable I’ll get with actually teaching!
What’s next? I want to go for an additional 300 hours of yoga teacher training so that I can become a 500-hour registered teacher. That sounds like a lot, perhaps, but I’m up for the challenge! This yoga teacher training really has changed my life, and I feel like I’ve barely scraped the surface!

Crush it With My Business

This is one of those rare goals I set for myself that doesn’t sound tangible, but I know what it means, alright? I promise! I have some financial goals that I would like to hit before the end of the year, and I’ve gotten much more organized and intentional around my business. I feel like I’ve been spending the last 10 months doing prep work, and now I can finally start to realize some of this hard work! I can’t wait for you to see what I produce in the very near future!

Practice More Yoga

Ideally, I would practice yoga every day, even if just for a few minutes. Realistically, I’d like to practice it at least three times a week for the month of October. I’m not going to put a time limit on the duration of my yoga practice, just that I need to do it more frequently. I wasn’t great about it in August, and my September was a little rougher for it.

Get More Sunlight

It’s weird to set this as a goal when the days are getting ready to be a lot shorter (plus as outdoorsy as I thought I was being despite being restricted on where I can go and what I can do), but this one is actually one of my more important goals. Scary fact: My new doctor measured my height, and I’ve actually shrunken during the pandemic! So weird, right?
Apparently, my Vitamin D is so deficient that I will be receiving a prescription for D vitamins from my doctor if I cannot get my numbers up! My amazing doctor explained that I need to get more sunlight and that I can eat more fish in order to increase these numbers. Of course, I went out and bought about 10 different varieties of fish from Trader Joe’s the next day. I love seafood, so this is really just a great excuse for me to get out and try new seafood recipes! 
I’ll keep you posted on my progress! My doctor is going to check back in with me in 2 months to see if my numbers improve. I know one thing is certain: I cannot keep shrinking at this rate!

Get My Run On! 

I really want to start running more. I’ve been running again, but I want to turn it up a notch. One way that I plan to do that is by completing at least 5 of the virtual race routes set by the Montgomery County Road Runners Club, of which I’m a member. I really want to earn a pair of socks! (That’s the prize if you complete at least 5.)

I had an absolutely ridiculous epiphany during my hike yesterday: Any trail that I can hike, I can probably run. Duh!

I miss trail running, and I want to incorporate this more into my routine. I know, I’ve been saying this since I trained for the Ragnar Trail Relay last year, but I still mean it! The key is going to be finding trails that are not crowded but are still safe. That means waking up earlier in the morning which is, in a word disgusting. #TeamNotAMorningPerson

Final Thoughts

I got this! I really want to crush this month’s goals and make myself proud! 
What are some goals you’re planning to crush this month? How can I help support you in achieving your goals?

My October 2020 Goals

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