Jade Yoga recycled cotton blanket

Jade Yoga Recycled Cotton Yoga Blanket Review

Jade Yoga recycled cotton blanket review

As a Jade Yoga Pro Ambassador, I recently received a Jade Yoga Recycled Cotton Yoga Blanket for review. All of the thoughts contained in this post are my own. If you make a purchase using one of the links below, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for your support!

I received the Jade Yoga Recycled Cotton Yoga Blanket to test out and review. Now that I’m teaching restorative yoga each week, I have become a bit of a prop queen. Yoga blankets, bolsters, blocks, and straps are my props of choice, and they help me get deeper into my poses. Curious about how to incorporate yoga props into your yoga practice and/or recovery days? Leave a comment!

I decided to test out the new Jade Yoga Recycled Cotton Yoga Blanket in several settings and practices so that I can provide you with a thorough review of this product.

What’s The Deal with This Blanket?

I received this blanket in purple, which was, of course, the best color I could’ve received since it’s one of my two favorite colors, PLUS, it matches my brand new yoga bolster from Hugger Mugger.

I own a few yoga blankets, and I believe this is the heaviest one I own. It definitely feels durable, though not particularly soft, however, it feels great to sit on while in easy pose (Sukhasana), it is sturdy enough not to wiggle around while I’m using it to prop up an arm, leg, or shoulder, etc. during my restorative practice, and when I laid it out on the ground in the middle of the woods, I could lay on it without the mud seeping through and getting on my body (yes, I decided to risk it all and lay my new yoga blanket t in the mud! Not my wisest decision as of late…).

The heavier weight of this blanket is actually pretty nice! I like to use heavier blankets to feel more grounded when I’m in poses where I’m using both gravity and props to deepen a pose.

Black woman yogi in the woods

About the Material

You could compare the texture of this yoga blanket to traditional Mexican blankets. It’s definitely not scratchy, but it’s also not something I would use to snuggle up at home on movie night.

One of the reasons I signed up to be a Jade Yoga Pro Ambassador in the first place is because I really love this brand.

Long story short: I asked some yogi friends which yoga mat was their favorite, and when this brand came up, it was exactly what I was looking for because of their eco-friendly practices and corporate social responsibility.

With this particular blanket, the material is made with recycled cotton. According to Jade Yoga’s website, “Jade blankets are handmade in India with recycled cotton by rural artisans, preserving a tradition and an art form. Your purchase of this rug supports these traditional weavers and their families.”

yoga props for restorative yoga

Props for A Good Cause

Not only are these blankets made of recycled cotton, but, with each blanket sold, Jade provides a child with a daily hot lunch for one week. This is made possible through their partnership with the Akshaya Patra Foundation in India.

Black yogi taking a break from hiking

Buy or Skip?

Final verdict: This is a great yoga blanket! Even if you’re not a yogi, but perhaps someone who likes to sit outdoors, I’d highly recommend this blanket. It’s high quality, durable, and it gets the job done!

Looking to buy your own Jade Yoga Recycled Cotton Blanket? Let me know which color you pick!

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Have you ever used a yoga blanket? What do you look for in a yoga blanket? Do you ever use yoga props in the outdoors?

Jade Yoga recycled cotton blanket

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