8 things to do after a volleyball tournament
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8 Things to Do After a Volleyball Tournament

After my volleyball tournament over the weekend, I realized that I have developed a pretty sweet post-tournament recovery regimen for myself. The night immediately following my tournament was not met with agony, heavy eyelids, or crawling from my bed to the bathroom — unlike previous tournaments. Instead of regretting playing volleyball all day, I had a lovely date night in DC with my boyfriend. It was great!

Please enjoy this infographic I have put together for those who are interested in learning more about my little recovery routine. While it is my post-volleyball tournament routine, it doesn’t mean that it is explicitly for volleyball players. In fact, this route is pretty much the exact same thing I did after running my first half marathon less than two months ago.

I must note that, while I have nearly a decade of coaching experience (including my IMPACT certification), I am not a doctor. You should totally make sure that you consult with your doctor on any over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication you may be interested in trying.

Do you have a routine to help speed up recovery and give your muscles a little extra love after a grueling competition or workout? Please share it in the comments!

In addition to the 8 things below, make sure you stay hydrated, friends! Best of luck to all of my fellow volleyball players during the USAV season!

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