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Mix it Up: Judy’s Jump Workout

Judy, my teammate, nearly annihilated my other teammate (Jackie) and me a couple weeks ago. She gave us this jump training workout, and encouraged us to do it “in good health.” Note: I have linked to my google site. You can print the workout directly from the page if you would like your own copy.

Equipped with a guest pass for Jackie, we headed over to the Washington Sports Club in Downtown Silver Spring. Our original intention was to take a Zumba class (Jackie’s first), but we ended up missing it due to traffic and an overly enthusiastic salesperson. It all worked out, though, because we definitely wouldn’t have survived the workout!
I warned Jackie about the aggressive sell they make at WSC, so she was prepared for the never-ending sell that took place while the time left in the Zumba class dwindled away. This was extremely annoying, but it comes with the territory…
By the time the salesperson finally stopped touring and selling (seriously, why would anyone buy a membership before actually trying out the services??), all of the classes for the night were done, and we had the studio all to ourselves. We gathered jump ropes, towels, steps, and courage, and reviewed this ridiculous list of 30+ exercises. Before Jackie arrived, I had googled a number of the exercises, as I’d never heard of them before. While in the studio, I did a few demonstrations for Jackie, and we were just about ready to begin.

I finally had an opportunity to use the High-Intensity Interval Training app on my Android, so I set the timer, and we began.

Jumping Rope
I’ve always loved this, and have supported it as a great warm-up/conditioning tool for some time now. I didn’t get bored with it, despite the number of times we were required to do it during the training. The same can’t be said of my partner, who quickly got sick of it. I must say, you should really make sure that your rope is the right length for you. Mine seemed to be a little bit short, which caused it to get caught on my hair at one point, creating an even more ridiculous hair presentation than my usual style. I chose a speed rope for the purpose of this program, but it’s not necessary.

By the time we got to the burpees, I was certain I was going to faint. Somehow we managed to complete this exercise, and lived to tell about it. If it was earlier in the routine, I think wet might’ve handled it better, but I suspect that this was the point. Jackie had never done them, but I’m sure now she’ll never forget then!

Jumping Split Lunges
These are the devil. We didn’t complete the full set, and instead chose to do as many as we could for the full time frame. If you have knee problems like I often do, be very, very careful with these! You may even opt out of this one, or modify them by doing another set of alternating lunges.

Notes About This Workout:

  1. Make sure you have a good interval timer. Mine became a distraction because I couldn’t set it at varying intervals. They all had to be the same.
  2. Make sure that you know what all of the workouts are before you begin, and that you are comfortable that you can do them correctly.
  3. Know your limit! This workout is extremely challenging, and you should have to push yourself, but don’t overdo it. You can hurt yourself!
  4. Buddy up! This workout is great to do with a partner. You can encourage one another and double-check your form. You can also have some friendly competition, as long as your partner is at a similar skill level.
  5. Stay hydrated. Before, during, and after the workout, make sure that you’re stocked up on hydration before you begin. You’re going to sweat A LOT during this workout. I’m not a heavy sweater, and even I had to cover my face with a towel when all was said and done.
  6. Work at it! When Judy informed me that she does this twice a week, I gained even more respect for her. The idea of doing this workout twice a month is terrifying!

Questions about this workout? Email me at flecksoflex AT gmail.com.

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