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Workout Wednesdays: These Are a Few of My Favorite Tees

Happy Hump Day, folks! As has been the case for the last few weeks, today is my rest day, and I spent much of my evening watching The Walking Dead and cleaning my room. I’m still here for the Workout Wednesdays Link Up, so never fear, friends. 🙂

I play a lot of volleyball. A. Lot. I’m talking Sunday-Tuesday, Thursday, and sometimes on Saturdays. I’m also an assistant coach for a Division III volleyball team, which fills my teeny bit of free time with even more volleyball!

With all of this volleyball playing, I recently realized that I didn’t have enough good shirts to wear for volleyball. I can’t play in cotton t-shirts anymore because they get all gross and uncomfortable (and the sleeves make it a little bit more challenging to set and hit), and I only have maybe three good Under Armour tech tees — which I love playing in — which is certainly not enough for four days of volleyball plus a couple of runs.

This past weekend, after helping out with volleyball tryouts for an adult volleyball club, my teammate Nay and I headed to the nearby Arundel Mills Outlets to do some volleyball shopping. Nay needed some long socks and flip flops (or slides, as everyone calls them but me), and I badly needed some shirts and socks (needed to re-stock my volleyball socks since they get jacked up over a year). We made a plan to head to Nike and Champion, and away we went.

I picked up a few long sleeve running shirts for cold weather at the Nike store, which I will review at some point. They had a great deal going, and fun colors. My head coach for the college team recommended the Dri Fit shirts, so I grabbed a few of those and a pack of black crew socks (part of my evolving volleyball style), and met Nay at the shoes. She found a good pair of slides, and I grabbed a $10 pair of fun pink and yellow slides, and we made our purchases at the cash register.

Next, we went to the Champion store. I had purchased a great tech tee from Champion several months ago, and I love it! It is a bright, fun color, and it’s super comfortable for playing volleyball. I don’t get sweaty and disgusting when I wear it in hotter gyms, and it always looks fresh. I’d been shopping around online for more; however, I hadn’t gotten around to actually ordering them. Instead, when Nay informed me that there was a Champion store in the mall, I was excited to see if they would actually have similar tees.

Lo and behold, they did! They not only had them in just about all of the colors I’d seen on Amazon, but they were running a crazy promotion! I ended up getting each shirt for about $8, as opposed to the full price of $20! So, what did I do? I bought four of them, duh!

Those Champion PowerTrain tees are legit, you guys. They’re super cheap and super comfy! I’m not usually one to purchase a bunch of the same thing in different colors, but I made an exception this time around. I bought black and white, which are neutral and I can wear them with crazy-colored bottoms, but I also bought one in purple and one in a pinkish red. Now I’m all stocked up for the fall!

What is your favorite type of workout shirt? Have you ever bought one style in a bunch of different colors? How did you spend your Wednesday?

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  1. Ah, a fellow volleyballer and blogger! Yay! I'll have to try those Champion tops, I spend way to much money at Lulu.
    P.S- In Seattle we call them flip flops, I have never heard them called Slides before! :D. Have a great week!

  2. Ah, a fellow volleyballer and blogger! Yay! I'll have to try those Champion tops, I spend way to much money at Lulu.
    P.S- In Seattle we call them flip flops, I have never heard them called Slides before! :D. Have a great week!

  3. Wow you made out. I did not know they had a Champion store at Arundel Mills. I haven't been there in AGES since they put up the casino but clearly I need to trek on over and check out their sporting goods stores! I need some outdoor cold weather running gear because I will be doing more of that this year. #wowlinkup

  4. Cute shirts! I am a huge fan of Chamption sports bras, but I don't have any of their shirts. I totally have the opposite problem of too MANY Ts and really should cut myself off though…lol #wowlinkup

  5. I didn't know they had one over there either! It's actually a super nice, clean store, with a very helpful, friendly staff. They have a 20% off discount card, so make sure you ask for it! They give you a discount on your birthday with it and everything! Make sure you stop by the Nike outlet too, because they have some great cold weather running gear. They also have a New Balance outlet that I didn't get to visit, but it looked like they were running some good promotions from their signage. They're just missing an Under Armour store over there!

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