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Thursday Throwdown: Summer Vacation Plans

Happy Thursday, everyone!

This week has shaped up to be an excellent week for fitness for me! I’m down a few pounds since this time last month, and my body is finally feeling ready to really get into my marathon training. This week, I’ve played a volleyball doubleheader (I subbed one match for my friend’s team after my game on Monday), I did some hot yoga with my friend Jackie on Tuesday (our first time at Pure Om Bethesda), and on Wednesday I hit up Sarah’s yoga class after work, followed by an interval workout at a local track. I’ve been stretching and foam rolling, hydrating, weight lifting, and eating much healthier, and I feel GREAT!

Since it’s Thursday, that means I’m throwing down my thoughts on my summer vacation plans as part of the Thursday Throwdown! This is where you can link up with Tamieka, Sarah, and me each Thursday!

This month, we’re switching over to a weekly format. We’ll be hosting a giveaway at the end of June, and you can earn bonus entries by sharing your posts in the linkup (see below). We invite you to share your summer vacation plans with us via linkup!

My philosophy for summer is, SUMMER IS FOR EXPLORATION! For the past few years, I’ve tried to do something I haven’t done before, or go somewhere I’ve never been. Last summer, I visited Lake Erie on the Ohio side, and the Outer Banks in North Carolina for the first time! – and traveled to Toronto for my very first racecation! This year, my plan is to head out west.

Last year, I explored a beach in Annapolis
with family, and tried SUP for the first time!

In the middle of July, I’ll be traveling to Los Angeles, California for my first blog-related conference ever! I’m looking forward to meeting some of my fellow Sweat Pink Ambassadors, as well as connecting with brands and fitness pros. I’ve visited LA before, but I’m looking forward to exploring the area a little bit for a hike and some running while I’m out there. My boyfriend is going to meet me out there the day after the conference ends, and we’ll stay one day in LA to meet up with his best friend.

Once we leave LA, we’re headed out to Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve never been to Arizona (not even the airport!), so I’m excited about checking another state off my list! Some people think we’re crazy for going out to Arizona in the middle of the summer. Still, those people have either never been to the DC Area in the summer (it is so humid and swampy!), or they have selective amnesia about the humidity here. Bring on the dry heat!

We’re going to visit with my boyfriend’s mom for a couple of days (she has a condo in Phoenix she travels to every so often, but normally lives in Northeast Ohio), then we’ll travel to Sedona and Flagstaff for some nature and outdoor adventuring! If you have suggestions for Arizona sightseeing, please share! I love hearing suggestions about traveling!

One of my goals for the year is to really start to work on recapping my traveling experiences. My trip out west should help me jump-start those efforts!

As far as the rest of the summer, I don’t have anything else planned. I’m going to be hyper-focused on my marathon training. Seriously! I learned today that the Marine Corps Marathon has a time limit for different segments of the race, and if you don’t reach those points in a certain amount of time, a bus comes and takes you off the course. That would undoubtedly make me cry! And I hate crying! Especially in public! Reading that this morning was all I needed to give me an extra hard kick in the butt to make sure I get my weekly runs in.

Now, on to the linkup!

An InLinkz Link-up

Next week’s theme: Must-Have Summer Gear!

What are your plans for this summer? Are you going anywhere exciting? Trying something new? Do you plan to do any exploring? Have you ever gone somewhere at a time of year that is not recommended?

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