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Friday Five: Favorite Fitness Activities

Woo hoo! Just a handful of hours until the weekend begins. This week, I decided to continue with the DC Trifecta Friday Five Link Up.

I decided to follow the theme this time, because it’s one I hadn’t really thought about. I know what I like to do, but I’d never thought about my five favorite fitness activities. Here goes!
  1. Volleyball – Whether it’s on the beach, in the gym, or on the grass, I absolutely love playing volleyball. It’s such a great workout, and it’s tons of fun. Plus, I get to compete against other people, and Lord knows I love competing.
  2. Lifting – I don’t do it as much as I used to, but I absolutely love lifting. The best part, for me, is watching myself get stronger each time. Strength is sexy! Not only is it sexy, but it’s good for you. Love it!
  3. Walking – I know it sounds weird, but I could walk all day. I love walking! Once, I walked a 10K with my ex-boyfriend’s mom to support her. I had so much fun! I like to walk around my neighborhood and go exploring like Dora, and could just walk, walk, walk. As long as I have good shoes on, and I’m not freezing, I could walk 500 miles (and maybe walk 500 more).
  4. Yoga – Yoga has become my jam! I recently started doing hot yoga, and it has made me love yoga even more. I have started practicing different poses in the comfort of my home so that I am better when I go out and try to do it in public. I love how yoga makes my body feel, and how I feel internally when I’m done. 
  5. Cycling – Though I’m in desperate need of a new bike, traveling abroad reminded me how much I love cycling. When I was a kid, my bike was my only ticket to freedom. I could ride that sucker to any of my friends’ houses in record speed. I’m looking forward to training to compete in a triathlon at some point next year, and biking all over the DC area this spring/summer. Yay bikes!

If you had to choose, what would be some of your top fitness activities? Do you prefer indoor or outdoor activities? Which fitness activities are you looking forward to this spring/summer?

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