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Fit Fashion Sports Bra Review: Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer II

Personally, I’m not a fan of sports bras that require too much fuss. The Ta Ta Tamer is super snug, which is great, but also super complicated. It has three hooks on the back, which seems to be a bit much. Honestly, two hooks can be too complicated at times, especially when you’re rushing to a fitness class or running to get into the shower.

This was my first purchase from lululemon. The store is right across from the store where I work on Sundays, so it’s not that the store is difficult to get into. It’s just rather intimidating. The first time I visited, I had quite an unpleasant experience. Nevertheless, I was willing to give it another shot. I’d heard so many great things, so I figured that the offensively rude and presumptuous sales associate was just a bad apple. Fortunately, she wasn’t there when I returned.

Instead, I had an extremely helpful associate (I think her name was Rachel), who was eager to help me find a great sports bra. I asked her some questions about the Ta Ta Tamer, and she happily answered them for me. She helped me to a fitting room, and had someone check on me while I was trying things on.

I should have known from my fitting room experience that I wasn’t going to be in love with this sports bra. It was hard to get into initially. There were way too many hooks, and too much flexibility was required. After I squirmed and pulled and shoved things in place, I had the sports bra on. WHEW! It felt like I’d burned 100 calories just from that maneuver! I will say, however, that the ta tas were indeed tamed! I jumped up and down in them (which is a great way to test bounce in sports bras), and those puppies didn’t leave the cage. I leaned over, stood up straight, moved from side to side, and jumped some more. This was a solid sports bra! Fortunately, I got this particular color off the clearance rack. It was significantly less than the $58 it usually sells for (I got it for roughly $25). However, this also meant that it was final sale. FINDERS, KEEPERS! Heads up: Lululemon has their final sale/clearance items online, sneakily labeled as “We Made Too Much.”

Online, it says that this bra is a medium support bra, but it definitely gave me more than just a medium amount of support. It didn’t feel like my chest was coated in steel, but it definitely suggested through my testing that my chest wasn’t going to be bouncing all over town. In fact, I would argue that it gave me the same amount of support as the high impact sports bras I usually purchase.

So, despite my reservations, I bought it.

I was in desperate need of a sports bra that would hold everything in place while I’m running around like a crazy person on the volleyball court. I am clearly insane, as I am on 4 different teams, and it was getting frustrating having to wash and rotate the same three sports bras every few days. I needed to add another lady to the ta ta taming team!

I don’t regret this purchase, though I am bummed that I don’t wear it as often as the others. It’s just really annoying to get into, but it works when I wear it. I really have to be in the mood to put it on, or not be in a hurry (which I almost always am). Oh well. :-/

I’m sure I’ll be back in that store at some point. They have really beautiful (though extremely overpriced for stuff you’re going to stink and sweat all over) garments, with wonderful colors and feminine designs. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time.

What has your experience been with lululemon? How do you test out your sports bras?

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