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Workout Wednesdays: I Did Yoga Today, and Now I Can’t Stop Smelling Feet!

Happy Hump Day, friends!

As I lay under my heated blanket, drinking a glass of wine, I reflect on how cold today has been. It has been cold. Very. I also now realize that this is exactly how I ended my day yesterday. Note: This cannot become a trend… Or can it…?

Today is Wednesday, as previously established, which means that it is time to link up with Diatta and the gang for the WOWlinkup! You guys will be super proud of me (I hope) for deciding to actually exercise today, instead of using today as a rest day.

Today, I decided to head over to my gym for a late evening yoga class. I’d never actually done the Wednesday class at my gym, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was familiar with the Saturday morning Vinyasa class, which I hadn’t been to in months, but I knew I could just jump in there whenever I wanted to pick back up with my yoga practice, so I wrongly assumed the same would be true about this evening’s class. Whoops!

This yoga class whipped my butt. Fortunately, it didn’t rip my butt like it unfortunately did to the guy two mats down from me. Seriously, and I apologize for the description (kinda), but this man ripped one for a good 10-15 seconds towards the middle of class. For real! That is a long time! Count it out. One Mississippi, two Mississippi…

Okay, sorry. Focus!

So this class was more advanced than probably any other yoga class I’d tried in the last two years. It was tough! My body was also super tight, and therefore less flexible than usual. Rough combination, let me tell ya! Our yoga instructor had the class do the crow pose at one point in the class. I’m fairly certain I unintentionally gave her my ubiquitous side eye at that point, and something in my body might have made a cracking sound, so she gave me some pointers on how to warm-up to the crow pose without actually doing it. Thank goodness!

I’m so glad that I did yoga today instead of just laying in bed, watching Total Divas, and drinking wine. That’s what normally constitutes a rest day for me. Heck, yesterday was a “rest day” by that standard! Since I have the big race on Saturday, I figured that I needed some good stretching tonight, and boy was I spot on! My back, knees, and ankles feel so much better after tonight’s yoga class. I’m feeling much more confident today than yesterday. I left the class with a smile and a clear mind, and I think I must have thanked the instructor about 20 times before I left the gym. There was only one bummer from the whole experience: That daggone lingering stinky feet smell! It’s definitely the only thing I forgot I was going to experience by leaving my room to do yoga. But you know what? Even with the ripping of butts and possibly my spine, it was a super successful experience for me. I can’t wait to go back!

How do you spend your rest days? Does your yoga studio smell like feet? Which yoga pose is your nemesis? Which yoga pose is your favorite?

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