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3 Reasons to Run the Annapolis Running Classic + DISCOUNT

It’s Throwback Thursday! Since there are only 50 days left until the race, I thought I’d share this 2015 post with 3 reasons why you should run the Annapolis Running Classic. As a member of the A-Team, I gain free entry to the race, but I also get to share a discount code with all of you! Use the code ALEXIS16 to take 10% off on registration this year. Hurry before it sells out!

Today, I’m just doing a check in with you lovely readers with three reasons why you should run the Annapolis Running Classic in November.

I cannot contain my excitement for this race! I only have two scheduled races remaining this calendar year, and this will be my last one for the year. I have been training, though I really need to pick up the training a bit over the next few weeks. It is so daggone hot outside, though, so I will really need to plan out my runs!

Yesterday, my dad offered to take me through a brutal stair workout. I’m going to take him up on his offer, but I will admit that I’m scared. He knows how to kick your butt on a workout! I’m still such a wimp when it comes to running. Guess I’m going to have to get over it pretty quickly!

Okay, so you came here to find out three reasons why you should run the Annapolis Running Classic 10k or Half Marathon. Here goes!

  1. Annapolis – The capital of Maryland is GORGEOUS. The historic buildings, the bridges, the waterfront, the cobblestone streets – it is all worth waking up early on a brisk morning to go check out. Races are so great for exploring cities because you get to see the city bright and early, and without the hassle of cars being on the road. 
  2. The energy – As I mentioned in a previous post about the Annapolis Running Classic, I made a couple of races buddies and ran with them for most of the race. People are genuinely excited about this race, and will high five you, cheer you on, and even check on you if you get injured. Runners are just the best (sorry, volleyball friends. We can call it a tie if you want…)! I saw people running in trash bags, teeny weeny shorts, tutus, team uniforms, costumes – you name it! There were so many people running for different causes last year (myself included), so it was great to see them out there motivated to run, but also motivated to help others.  
  3. The post-race food and drinks – Oh boy! I think that I might be more excited about eating oysters and homestyle tomato soup than actually running. Every time I tell a friend about this race, I lead with the oysters. SO DELICIOUS! If you don’t like oysters…. I’m not sure what to tell you. There are of course bananas and bagels and tomato soup, so you don’t have to eat oysters, but they are fresh and delicious and just nom nom nom… I have yet to find a more impressive post-race food selection, and I’ve run a bunch of races this year! Take it from me: If you love oysters, you will love this race!

Tweet: Want to run this year's @AnnapRunClassic 10k or half marathon? Use the code 𝐀𝐋𝐄𝐗𝐈𝐒𝟏𝟔 to take 10% off this year's race! #maryland

Bonus Reason: You can run with me! I usually end up running races alone (whomp whomp), so I’d love to see you on race day! As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I’m a member of the Annapolis Running Classic A-Team this year. Use my discount code ALEXIS16 to get 10% off the 10k or half marathon.

If you end up deciding to run the race in November, please let me know! You can always tweet at me, or just comment here on the blog!

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