A Brief Oral [Health] History

I don’t know about you guys, but I consider oral health to be an important piece of the health and wellness puzzle. When I was fresh out of college, I didn’t pay much attention to it. My mom wasn’t making my dental appointments anymore, I didn’t always have dental insurance prior to my government jobs, and it just wasn’t a top priority for me. As Julia Roberts’ character said in Pretty Woman, “BIG MISTAKE. HUGE.”

My first trip back to the dentist was a major wake-up call. Fortunately, the damage wasn’t too bad (only a few cavities), but considering that I never had a single cavity, never had to wear braces, and never had any kind of dental issue period as a kid, I was SHOOK. I was very disappointed in myself, and my dentist shamed me just the right amount and in just the right way that I’ve started taking my oral health a lot more seriously.

My fiance once asked, “how can you be writing about health and wellness and not focus on one of the most important parts of your health – and one of the easiest to maintain?” #facts

Fast forward to today, and here I am: Walking down the toothpaste aisle at Walmart, killing time before my volleyball game, and checking out all of the different kinds of toothpaste. Side note: Were there this many options when I was growing up?

Colgate has always been one of my favorite brands because my teeth just feel clean when I use their toothpaste. Now, they have their New Colgate Essentials Toothpaste with Charcoal. I have to admit that I was a little nervous to brush my little chicklets with this toothpaste because I’d been avoiding this trend for several years now. Needless to say, my being a total wuss was totally unnecessary (per usual). This toothpaste is amazing!

I seriously love the minty-ness of the toothpaste. If I can’t feel the tingle after I’m done brushing my teeth, is it even worth it? With this toothpaste, the tingle was perfect! My teeth felt so clean, and my mouth just felt super fresh. There’s something to be said about going to bed with a minty fresh mouth, am I right?

So what’s the deal with the New Colgate Essentials Toothpaste with Charcoal? Well, for starters, it has micropolishers to remove stains. again, the mint flavor. So good.

Third, I got to try out a trend I was nervous about with a brand that I trust. I’ve been using Colgate products since I have been the proud owner of teeth! What I love is that their toothpaste doesn’t end up all over my lips, arms, bathroom mirror, etc. when I’m brushing my teeth. It’s mess-free toothpaste!

Finally, New Colgate Essentials Toothpaste with Charcoal is super affordable! You can even find it at Walmart! think we all know that it’s better to try something new when you don’t have to break the bank doing it. Bonus: You can take advantage of this sweet Ibotta offer to get it for even less!

So, what do you think? Do you want to try out the New Colgate Essentials Toothpaste with Charcoal? What are some other health/beauty trends you’ve been nervous to try out?

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