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Being Resolute with Your Resolutions

Happy New Year! 

It’s that time of year again. You know the time. It’s when people create resolutions for the year, duh! Some people will find success, and others will find failure. What separates them? To me, there are two things: focus and attainability. How often do we set lofty goals for ourselves that we really have no intention of hitting? Or we set goals that are attainable, but we don’t set forth the steps to get there?

This year, I’m determined to set goals and make resolutions that I know I can meet, as long as I face them with a couple handfuls of focus.

At the top of my list is weight loss. This is one area where I really need to focus in order to find success. Focus on preparing my meals in advance, and focus on having healthy options available to me at all times. One of my problems with weight gain comes when I’m experiencing an enormously high volume of stress. I don’t have time to go home to eat, and I don’t have access to a microwave or fridge when I’m traveling from one work event to another. That often leads me to making the bad decision to visit the drive thru.

Instead, this year I really want to focus on having healthier options available. I started getting better with this towards the end of the year, but I need to maintain my focus.

One thing I’ve done is to keep snacks in my various gym bags (I have three) and some other healthy options in my office. It really does make a difference when you don’t have to move very far to bump into a healthy alternative! That’s why having a protein shot like 1Shot Protein readily available is a game changer!

1Shot Protein helped me make it through a volleyball tournament last weekend. I am a grazer at tournaments, but I am really bad at getting enough protein while I’m playing. These little shots pack a big punch of protein – 24g as a matter of fact! It’s nice because they don’t take up much space in any of my gym bags, and I can take one as two quick shots in between matches.

Having some extra protein in my gym bag has become a greater priority for me since last January. Where, in the past, I would put my wireless headphones in the number five slot in my must-haves for my gym bag, I’d bump it down one and add protein instead. (This sounds dramatic, but you guys have no idea how important it is that I have music while I’m working out!)

Want to learn more about 1Shot Protein? Visit their website and read all about ’em! Interested in trying 1Shot Protein for yourself? You can order it on Amazon!

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