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Clear Sinuses, Clear Head

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com on behalf of Breathe Right®. All thoughts expressed in this post are mine.

Have you ever heard of Breathe Right® nasal strips? Before trying them out during my morning yoga practices, I only knew of Breathe Right to help reduce snoring. Did you know that they are also great for putting on before your workouts? They help open up your nose- something that was a major help for me! For my fellow nasal allergy-sufferers, pay attention!

I’ve talked about my bad allergies so many times on this blog. As a result, I often wake up with a stuffy nose, meaning that my morning yoga can sometimes be a struggle. When you’re practicing yoga, you want to focus on your breathing and meditation – something that can be a real challenge when your nasal passages are congested. Who wants to be in a forward fold with a stuffy nose? Not this yogi! 

As soon as I applied a Breathe Right nasal strip for the first time, I felt that I was able to breathe so much better! What I also love about them is that, once they’re on, you don’t even notice you’re wearing anything on your nose! They don’t have any medicine in them, so you don’t feel a tingle – something I thought I was going to feel once I applied my first Breathe Right strip. The adhesive strip has “spring-like” bands that improve airflow by gently opening your nose, so imagine something that feels sort of like an adhesive bandage, but that helps you breathe better. Pretty cool, huh? 

With Breathe Right, I was able to focus less on my sniffle and more on the practice itself. I noticed this the most when practicing supported fish pose during that first Breathe Right-enhanced practice! (Inversions are not always the best friend of those of us with bad allergies.) I’m going to use my strips not only for yoga but also for hiking and cold-weather runs – two activities where my nasal congestion bothers me the most.

How Do You Use Them?

Start by washing your face thoroughly and making sure your face is dry before application. Then, you will want to position the Breathe Right nasal strip along the width of your nose, so that the long side of the strip is perpendicular to your nose. The little tabs should go right on the top of your nostrils. Ideally, the tabs will rest just at the edge of that bony cartilage in your nose, right above the widest part of your nostrils. Press down to apply the strip, and get ready to get the party started!

Where Can I Find Them?

I found mine at CVS in the sleeping aid section, but they can be found at many retailers usually in the cough/cold section near other nasal decongestant products.

Do You Have a Discount Code?

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Have you tried Breathe Right nasal strips for your workouts?

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