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My Friend Wrote a Book

So, this is cool: My friend wrote a book! My BlogFest friend and fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador Lyn Lindbergh wrote a book, Couch to Active. This is such a neat book! It provides a roadmap to becoming active if you’ve been living a sedentary lifestyle, but it also provides insight into how to achieve your fitness goals in a practical, attainable way. It has an 8-week plan woven throughout the book and some really great advice that works for people all over the fitness spectrum. The tagline for the book is, “The missing link that takes you from sedentary to active,” and I think that’s pretty accurate. Couch to Active is a great book for those looking to take their “one day” into “day one.”

My favorite part of the book is the worksheets embedded throughout the book and the goal setting. Make sure you have a pen and notepad ready as you go through the book; you’re going to want to complete the assignments Lyn has created for everyone working through Couch to Active, and I think you’re going to want to go through these assignments more than once – especially as you venture out on your wellness journey and you find that your goals change over time.

Fall is a season of change. What better way to end your fall and roll through the end of this year and right into the beginning of the next than with a book that promotes making healthy choices and lifestyle changes?

Enter today to win your own copy of Couch to Active! Fill out the handy widget below to enter to win! Good luck with the book giveaway, as well as on your fitness journey!

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Want to buy Couch to Active today? It’s available for purchase on Amazon now! Already read the book? What did you think?

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