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My Little Miracle Worker: Shower Pill!

When I first heard of Shower Pill, I thought it was something you dropped in your shower to clean it out. I know what you’re probably thinking: Why does this lady always get so far off the mark when she is guessing? I don’t know the answer, people. Welcome to my world. 🙂

Needless to say, I was wrong. Shower Pill is actually a brand of amazing body wipes to get the stank off of you so you can keep your day moving along smoothly! These are perfect for me because I’m always running from activity to activity, often times with no opportunity for a much-needed shower. For example: During my Friday lunch break, I went to a community yoga class, then had to return to the office. Well, I couldn’t sit there all funky for the rest of the day. That’s just disrespectful to my officemate! Instead, I wiped myself down after yoga, and kept it moving.

Ever since I started using them a couple of months ago, I have not been able to stop raving about them. Every chance I get, I have my friends try them out!

On Saturday, I went hiking with my friend/former coworker Fred. We hiked about 6 miles over 4 hours (there was a LOT of rock climbing and scrambling in this hike!), and by the end of the hike, we were sweaty, stinky, and downright filthy! I offered Fred a Shower Pill, and I know he thought I was crazy. Fred is a tall guy and is my friend most like Ron Swanson. Now, imagine offering Ron Swanson a wipe after hiking for 6 hours. Get the idea?

I extolled the power of the wipes to Fred as he side eyed me. He tried it anyway, and he was actually surprised they worked!

When I say that the Shower Pill wipe worked, what does that even mean? For me, it has to pass this checklist:

  • The wipes cannot smell like baby wipes, because that ain’t right. No grown woman or man should walk around smelling like baby wipes. It only smells good on actual babies!*
  • You shouldn’t have to use more than one, because that can get expensive!
  • They have to work on sensitive skin. 
  • They have to actually clean your body.
  • They have to be affordable.
Well, hooray, because Shower Pill checked off everything on my list! The scent is very faint and mostly just smells like CLEAN. Believe it or not (and I understand, because I originally doubted it), you can wipe your entire body down – or just the relevant bits – with just one wipe! After our hike, we each wiped down our arms, legs, face, and neck. We were covered in dirt, but we needed to be able to get to our lunch spot without looking feral. Those poor wipes were as brown as my skin when we were done, but that means there was no more dirt on the areas we wiped! With less hardcore activities, I’ve been able to wipe my entire body down. 
I think it’s great that they have super germ-killing powers! If you’re at the gym, there are all types of germs you could pick up and hang out with all day before you finally hit the shower. With Shower Pill wipes, you just go ahead and karate chop those nasty germs and move about your day. As a woman with super sensitive skin, I was really happy to find that these wipes felt great on my skin. The wipes contain Vitamin E, aloe vera, and witch hazel  — all things that are familiar to my body. It’s nice because the wipes didn’t irritate my skin, and they also didn’t dry my skin out, which was a surprise to me because you are dry very quickly after wiping yourself down. Oh, and get this: They’re inexpensive at just $1 a wipe!
Okay, so why am I spending all of this time telling you all about these magical wipes? Because I want to give away a box of wipes to one of you beautiful people! Today is the last day of my #AwesomeInAugust Challenge, which means it’s your last chance to enter to win! Make sure you’re following Shower Pill on Instagram, as well as all of the other brands participating in the giveaway. Don’t forget to tag #AwesomeInAugust in your photos. Good luck!

*This is not a scientific fact, of course, but I believe this to be true. It’s sort of like when you were a teenager, and you thought spraying body spray on you after you worked up a little sweat would make you smell better. Never worked. 

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