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Travel Tuesday: Explore Your City

This is a sponsored post. All opinions in this post are my own.

If you have been reading this blog for at least a couple of months now, you’ve likely noticed that I took the site through a redesign, and that I’ve added a few new topics up at the top there. I’ve decided that, because I have traveled so much and love to talk about traveling in general, I would start writing a bit about my travels! Lex Landing will be where I feature travels around the country and abroad (such as this post on one of my favorite places in Arizona), and Lex Local will be where I talk about things I do and see in my area (such as this restaurant I recently visited). For now, they’re just tags I’m using on posts, but eventually they will be their own pages. I hope you enjoy my travel posts!

Speaking of Lex Local, I have really been working to get out and try new things in my area. It’s funny: I was born and raised in the DC Area, but I still feel like Jon Snow – I know nothing! There are always new, interesting restaurants popping up, I feel like I learn about a new fitness boutique or type of workout every week, and seriously, am I the only person in the area who hasn’t done an escape room??

Fortunately, Groupon Things to Do has tons of great things I can check out in my area! Once you plug in your zip code, you get a list of a variety of different things going on in your area that you can check out. For example, I just learned that there is a Groupon for this new indoor cycling studio in my area that I’ve been wanting to try out. I plan to get over there and check it out so that I can write all about it in Lex Local! I also learned that there are some Groupon deals for concerts at the venue just two blocks from my house. I’m actually a little salty that I just learned that they’re on there, because I was at the Chrisette Michele concert two weeks ago, and they had a special meet-and-greet with her after the show for people who had the Groupon! Lesson learned!

Have you ever checked out Groupon Things to Do in your neighborhood? Have you found any hidden gems in your area thanks to Groupon? Do you love to travel?

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