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Take a look at the top of this site. See that little tab that says, “Thursday Throwdown?” What is that? WHAT IS IT??

Well, my lovely readers, it is a new Thursday linkup, hosted by Fit Balling Running Mom, Cardigan Sarah, and me!!!! That’s right, people! Your Thursdays are about to become even more exciting! (And what good timing, right? Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder won’t have new episodes next week…)

First things first: What the heck is a linkup? Well, a linkup is an opportunity for folks to link up their blog posts on a particular topic. You’ll see a little list of blog posts at the bottom of my posts that will all be related to the same or a similar topic, but everyone’s will be different! I always have fun reading through different linkups to see different people’s perspectives on various topics.

Secondly, What is this THURSDAY THROWDOWN linkup all about?

Thursday Throwdown is an opportunity to link up with like-minded bloggers. The Thursday Throwdown is hosted by Sarah, Tamieka, and me — we’re all DC-area bloggers focused on healthy living, fitness, and enjoying life!

Each month, we’ll pick a theme, and the Thursday posts will revolve around those ideas.

How to Participate:

  1. Post our badge on your participating blog post so others can see what else is going on! 
  2. Leave a comment on each of the 3 blog posts by the hosts: Lex, Sarah, and Tamieka. 
  3.  Add your link to the InLinkz at the bottom of Lex, Sarah, or Tamieka’s #ThursdayThrowdown 
  4.  Comment on the link-up post before yours! 
  5.  Share the love! Make sure to use the #TTLinkUp and #ThursdayThrowdown tags on Instagram and/or Twitter!

Next week, we’ll be tackling Spring Cleaning.

In this case, “Spring Cleaning” could refer to cleaning up your diet, cleaning out your winter running gear, cleaning up your training plan, etc. I can’t wait to see everyone’s posts!

Want to learn more about the Thursday Throwdown and its host bloggers? Check out this page for more info.

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