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The Week Behind, The Week Ahead [LINKUP]

Happy Sunday! You know, Sunday is a weird day of the week. Some people consider Sunday the end of the week, and some people consider it the beginning. I’m a little bit of both, I suppose. I like to use Sunday as a day of reflection. What have I accomplished in the week behind? What are my goals for the week ahead?

With that thought in mind, I decided to start a little Sunday linkup here on Flecks of Lex. It is here that I will discuss the passing week, and the week up ahead.

It is my intention that this Week Behind, Week Ahead linkup serves as sort of a report card since last Sunday, but also a way to hold myself accountable on what I do during the week coming up. If I don’t follow through with my goals for the week ahead, I’m going to have to tell on myself next week! So, let’s get to it, shall we?

This past week had its ups and downs. I was good in that I only took one rest day this week, and kind of accidentally! Here’s my rundown of activities since last Sunday:

Sunday: Honestly, I have no recollection of what I did Sunday, besides referee volleyball games for 4 hours straight. Maybe I did some stretching and foam rolling in the morning? I couldn’t tell you if my life depended on it! Last Saturday, I played in an all-day volleyball tournament, so all I know is that I took it fairly easy, because I’m not totally mad.

Monday: Our Monday night volleyball team has been struggling. We haven’t had our full squad, and we’ve been getting our butts beat week after week. Well, we finally won! Hallelujah!

Tuesday: Rest day! Unfortunately, I couldn’t play in Tuesday night’s game because of a work event, but work comes first! I’m actually glad I took this accidental rest day, as I wouldn’t have gotten in any other rest day in what became a long and exhausting week.

Wednesday: BodyPump. Oh, BodyPump. That class was… well, weakness leaving the body. Let’s just say that. I was a total crybaby at this class. Before a couple of weeks ago, I hadn’t done BodyPump in years. The instructor I had on Wednesday was different from the one I had the previous Tuesday, so I didn’t know what to expect. Holy guacamole! NO MERCY! I lunged and curled for my life, and my body paid for it the next day. 

Thursday: Volleyball was definitely rough for me! BodyPump kicked my butt, and the DOMS struggle was real. Diving, running, jumping, heck, even serving the volleyball was no bueno. I earned that pain, though, so I ain’t mad!

Friday: I did Vinyasa Yoga with my coworker/friend Bertha. This is starting to become a routine for us after work on Fridays, and I really love it! I could see some improvement since last week’s class, and I took a bit of pride in this fact! Unfortunately, I had to sneak out a few minutes early to make it to a movie on time; BUT, don’t worry: I got some Savasana in before I left!

Saturday: Went for an amazing hike through a portion of Shenandoah National Park. It was a gorgeous winter day, and we chose a trail that had quite a few hills. I got the chance to use my hiking poles (don’t judge) for the first time, and it was great to have a mini getaway outside of the DC area.

Today: I went to my gym, and tried Yin Yoga for the first time. I am really digging yoga these days, and this yoga class just made me so happy and relaxed! Yin Yoga focuses on holding poses for longer, and doesn’t really have any cardio. It’s more about relaxing and breathing through stiffness. I used a yoga bolster for the first time, and had a great teacher who helped me relax better than I’ve relaxed in recent memory. In Savasana, she gave us cool towels with eucalyptus to place over our eyes. This was definitely a first for me, but it really helped me breath deeper and feel even more relaxed! After class, our instructor gave us the option of using a couple drops of lavender oil to feel even more relaxed. Me, not being too shy about trying something new (even if I think it’s a little odd), took advantage of this and experienced even more zen than I was already feeling. 10/10 would take Yin Yoga again!

For the week ahead, I’m planning to get a good amount of fitness in, and since I’m going to go grocery shopping tomorrow, I’m going to be more focused on well-balanced meals! I really slacked on my diet this week, thanks to a combination of stress, exhaustion, some emotional stress, and an abundance of excuses!  I gotta whip my butt into shape, dagnabit!

I will be playing volleyball on Tuesday and Thursday this week, will return to Vinyasa on Friday evening, play in an all-day tournament on Saturday, and hopefully make it back to Yin Yoga next Sunday. Tomorrow, I’m going to take at least one class at the gym. I’m leaning towards BodyPump, but I might try to get in BodyPump and maybe yoga, pilates, or something totally different as a supplementary class. We’ll see! I want to try to go into downtown DC tomorrow, since I have the day off, but I’m not 100% on that. It really depends on whether it’s going to be cold again!

Okay, so now on to this whole linkup experiment. 😉

Did you write a post where you recapped your week this week? Did you write a post where you talk about what you’re planning to do during the upcoming week? Link up with me! Leave your post in the InLinkz widget below, and be sure to comment on this post, as well as at least two other links in the linkup. I’ll be hopping around and commenting on your posts too! Happy linking! 🙂

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