Transitioning from Summer to Fall: A Time for Change, Organization, and Vision Boarding

The weather is still pretty warm here in the D.C. Metro Area, and we still have an entire week until it’s officially fall, but I have decided to give myself a jump start on my fall 2020! 

I love to use the transition between seasons as a good time to check-in on my goals. I find that I’m mentally ready for a change when Mother Nature is, and what better time to reassess?

The three main transitions I’m making right now are with my business, my goals, and my day-to-day life. It’s funny because the way that these transitions are occurring is already drastically different; I am trying to simplify my day-to-day life, beef up my business processes, and outline and organize my goals. 

Simplifying My Day-To-Day Life

I started simplifying my day-to-day life before the pandemic, but I really kicked it up a notch once we had stay-at-home orders in place. I donated bags of items, got rid of things that I didn’t need or couldn’t use any longer, and really started assessing what were actual day-to-day necessities for me. It’s actually given me a lot more peace of mind and has helped me become a little more organized and less scatterbrained. Funny how that works, huh?

Lex Tip

If you’re looking for a quick tip to help you simplify things at home, one of the best places to start is your closet. Go through, and figure out what you haven’t worn in at least a year, and decide why. If it’s a special occasion outfit, that’s one thing, but maybe if it’s a pair of jeans you bought 8 years ago that you will “fit into one day,” you should look into donating it to a local organization. I like to donate to two different organizations – one for professional clothing, and one for casual clothing. Those items aren’t doing any good sitting in the back of the closet, and there are people in need who could really benefit from them. 


A couple of weeks ago, my friend and fellow Fit Black Queens Podcast co-host De (aka FaithFueled Mom) walked us co-hosts through a vision boarding exercise. It’s funny; I have talked about building a vision board for years, but I never actually knew what I was doing, so I never created one! 
I didn’t even know that there were different types of vision boards, but De walked us through the steps to create a Feng Shui vision board. I’m still working on mine (doesn’t help that I’m a perfectionist), but I’m almost ready to glue everything together and hang up this bad boy!

Lex Tip

Not ready to take the plunge and create a vision board? Make a list of goals! I suggest making a list of things you’d like to accomplish by the end of this year and come up with some bigger goals for the following year. 

Business Goals, Planning, and Organization

Recently, I visited Staples to pick up some organization tools. I have finally decided to put together a legitimate content calendar for my website, and I purchased some office supplies to bring this content calendar to fruition. I know that a lot of people like to design their content calendars electronically, but I find that keeping a content calendar right above my computer makes it easy for me to see my plan for each day. 

Prior to transitioning to working from home, I had a large Dry Erase calendar in my office that I used as my content calendar for my day job. Sadly, I couldn’t bring it home with me, but I do love that I can put some creativity around designing my content calendar! I even bought myself some fun pens to bring this content calendar to life! Bonus: I can use these pens for my vision board, journaling, writing out yoga sequences, and whatever else I can come up with!

Lex Tip

Setting goals for your business enables you to organize and plan accordingly. If you don’t put your plans down in writing, do they really exist?

Final Thoughts

Seasons have always signified change and transitions for me, and while this year is certainly like any other I’ve ever experienced (and the same is probably true for you too!), I remain hopeful and determined. 
What kind of planning, organizing, goal-setting, or purging do you do around this time of year?

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