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Workout Wednesday: First Hike of 2015

Hello, hello, lovely reader!

I’m not sure about you, but I have been enjoying the warmer (than last month – well, minus my trip to Rio 🙂 weather! I love being outdoors, and today did not disappoint!

If you are a regular Flecks of Lex reader, you know that I usually rest on Wednesdays. This week was a bit different, as I didn’t actually get to play in my volleyball game last night due to work obligations. Being a grown up stinks. Whomp whomp. 🙁
Anyway, this week, I went hiking with a new friend, and had a great time! I don’t know why I hadn’t considered going hiking after work sooner than I did. I work so close to a number of great hiking spots, and hiking really helps me clear my head. It was a brisk evening, but I made sure to pack some cold-weather gear. We all know I don’t like being cold! After work, we ventured out to the C&O Canal to one of their sweet trails. (Of course we hiked the Maryland side, people!)

The hike definitely made my Fitbit happy, let me tell ya! Oh! I totally forgot to tell you guys that I got a new Fitbit last week! Stay tuned for a review, because I bought a different model this time around.

I really enjoyed hiking this evening, and I can’t wait to hit the trails again soon! It was low impact enough that my jacked up left knee felt less jacked up when it was all said and done. (Seriously, this knee needs to get its act together. It’s almost like it forgot it has a big race in a few weeks.) It was so quiet on the trails, which is so unusual an experience for me for this park. I usually go on the weekends when everybody and their Uncle Bob is hanging out at the park. The water seemed so calm, and you could hear the wildlife. It was a great time!

What do you like to do to unwind after work? Do you go hiking when it’s chilly outside? Are there any great trails in your area?

Since I’ve been such a terrible blogger the last few weeks, I thought it was about time to return to some of my blogging routine, so I’m doing a Workout Wednesdays Link Up with Diatta and Sheila once again! Sorry, ladies! Please forgive me!

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