5 Things I’m Bringing With Me into 2021

Just as I do with the things I’m leaving behind, I take this time each year to put into words the things I’m bringing with me into the new year.

Swagger jacking from my friend Adina, I came up with a word for this year: Emerge. I can’t wait to share more about this, but this is the word that I am choosing to help frame all of my goals for the upcoming year. 

Last year’s list was fire, sweating fearlessly, creativity, self-care, meaningful relationships, and my renewed love for running. It’s kind of creepy how well I did with it this year, and I actually have the pandemic to thank for some of it. Yikes!

Nonetheless, I’m proud of myself for finding ways to continue to hone in on these items, though one of them definitely makes another appearance on this list because I want to dive deeper into it!

As I’ve stated in the past, I’m not a big resolution person, so try not to think of these as resolutions, but more as overarching goals for the new year. Here they are:

More Creativity

This was on the list for 2020, and I did manage to be creative throughout the year, but I know I can continue to grow in different ways this year.
I have definitely gotten back into the groove with my writing, but I’m finding myself in a creative rut as far as photography and graphic design. I have a few things planned to help spark some more creativity in my life, and I’m certain these activities are going to help me grow creatively! 

The Most Important People In My Life

Not being able to see many people this year has definitely made me feel even more fortunate about the special people in my life. I was able to prioritize them even more, and this is something I want to continue in 2021. I feel very loved and blessed to have such incredible, supportive people in my life.

Boundary Setting

This one was major. It took months – okay, years – for me to get here, but I did it! I have become firmer with my work/life balance and have been much better about setting boundaries – particularly around when my workday ends and my personal life begins. This enabled me to actually spend time with #InfluencerJohn, do wall sit challenges with my siblings, get serenaded by my toddler nephew, and so much more. These are the things that bring me joy and keep me motivated!

My Newfound Certifications

Holy cow, have I been getting my learn on! I have gotten so many certifications in 2020, and I cannot wait to put them to good use in 2021! Stay tuned for more information on how you can take classes with me! 

My Podcast

This was something that I had been wanting to do for quite some time, and I finally did it! Hosting The Sweat Fearlessly Podcast taught me so much about health, life, motivation, humanity, and so much more! I know that sounds a bit… extra… but it really is true!

What My Fitness/Wellness Friends Are Bringing With Them

“In 2021, I am taking with me more compassion for myself and others. 2020 threw a lot at us. Collectively we experienced many of the same situations, but its impact on each one of us was not equivalent. 
I learned how to become a better listener and ask more in-depth questions, which are paramount to understand other people’s (and our own) unique experiences and situations.”

“Here’s what I’m leaving behind:
  • Intentionally practicing what I preach (I’m talking to you stretching, hydration, veggies and sleep!). 
  • More therapy (hello EMDR). 
  • Self-care that goes beyond the occasional spa day! 
  • New fitness adventures and certifications!
  • Expanding my small business line, The Esma Shop
  • …and a few rolls of toilet paper 😉”

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