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Learning to Adapt

Today presented some challenges. They were really innocuous challenges, but they were frustrating nonetheless. You know one of those days where just a bunch of little things pile up and you become frustrated? Today was one of those days.

The final straw for me was when I wasn’t able to get in the workout I’d intended after work. I got incredibly frustrated, and then I sat there for a minute and said, really? Of all of the bad things that can possibly happen in a day, you’re going to let this little thing bother you? Go home and get in a different workout, ya crybaby! (I use tough love on myself about 98% of the time.)

My sassy inner dialogue was right though: I have my health, a loving family, a happy relationship, a roof over my head, and a good job. I can choose to sit around being grumpy over a bunch of minor inconveniences, or I can take the lead in my own mood, and get myself smiling again! So that’s what I did; I finally set up my DailyBurn account (which I’d apparently been paying for since November 2017) and got in a fantastic workout! Getting all sweaty and trying something new definitely did the trick! I’m ready to go to bed feeling more relaxed, optimistic, and ready to have a better tomorrow. I wish all a fabulous week!

Does your inner voice boss you around? What do you do when you need to boost your mood?

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