Live Blogging My Tournament (Sorta)

I came up with idea to live blog my tournament, and it ain’t even live. Well, I guess it’s sort of live? Anyway, I’m going to attempt to live blog my tournament today.
We’re playing at this place in the Baltimore area called The Volleyball House. It has 6 volleyball courts that are used for tournaments, leagues, practices, and even baton twirling! I actually play here on Sundays and Mondays in leagues, and my USAV team has held practices here.

We actually just played against Amanda‘s old team! We lost, 2-0. 🙁 Her old team is the team in the picture (below) with the purple jerseys.
I’ll post some more info and pictures as they become available. Fingers crossed that we win the next match!
Update: We won one set, lost one set. We’ve been sitting for a while.
In between matches, I stopped in to the nearest Subway to pick up a sandwich so I wouldn’t totally just faint in the middle of my next game. (Confession: I also stopped at Mickey D’s for a vanilla iced coffee.) Quick note: $2 6-inch meatball marinara and cold cut subs for the month of December at Subway!
Update: We lost another match 🙁
Despite the results of the tournament, we had a blast and played pretty good volleyball. 
Live blogging a volleyball tournament ain’t easy. The formatting is especially tough! I’ll try to post some of the other pictures and videos later this week.

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