My First DietBet

This week, while reading Blogilates (seriously, it’s so encouraging and adorable — I highly recommend it), I learned that Cassey Ho, the blog’s proprietor, will be conducting a DietBet for January. It’s pretty straightforward: Pay $30, lose 4% of your body weight, and get your $30 back + your share of what’s leftover in the pot from whoever didn’t make their goal. It’s a pretty sweet deal! As long as you lose the 4%, you don’t lose any money. And if you don’t make your goal? Well, then you’ve learned a valuable lesson. Want to get in on this DietBet? Here’s the link to the one I’m competing in: http://diet.bt/1dNicC5

I like it because it holds me even more accountable than just simply blogging about various things. There is a financial motivation, a competition, and a goal — all things that work great for me! I am so competitive, that even if it wasn’t for money, I’d probably sign up anyway! Okay, that might not be entirely true. It clearly took some encouraging for me to agree to do this one.

@flecksOFlex: I’m a little scared, but I think I’m going to do the @blogilates @DietBet in January… Ahhhh! #fitfam” do it!!!!
— ❤ Cassey Ho ❤ (@blogilates) December 27, 2013

As I lay in my bed sick, blogging, and watching the handsome Benedict Cumberbatch on Sherlock (seriously, the man is growing on me, and I don’t think it’s fever-induced), I think about how I want to start the new year out next week. Okay, fine. You got me. I’ve also been thinking about why Benedict Cumberbatch has the coolest name ever, and why I find him so smashing. But, that’s beside the point.

Yes, I want to lose weight. I want to lose a significant amount of weight. But I really want to go back to being my old healthy, active, happy self. I want to run races, go hiking, and compete in ways I haven’t yet dreamed. Being healthy makes me happy, and I want to be happy and be the best me I can be in 2014.

Have you ever competed in a DietBet? What did you learn about yourself from competing? What is your main goal for 2014?

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