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Why Was My Spin Class So Lit?

I took a spin class on Saturday that was quite possibly the most lit spin class I have ever taken. I didn’t know it when I arrived, but it was just what I needed to sweat out the week’s exhaustion, aggravation, negativity, and full-moon-induced craziness.

I had taken Gina’s class before, but never on a Saturday. Her Wednesday class gets packed, so you have to sign up the night before if you don’t want to get waitlisted! Of all the indoor cycling instructors at my gym, her playlist is most like my own musical preferences: It’s eclectic, with pop songs from the 80s to now, EDM, salsa, and even a song from Bollywood! On this day in particular, she had connected her laptop to the monitor that projects behind her, and it was playing the music videos for each song we heard, which just added some extra fun to the class. I had never seen that before!

Let me back up. You guys know I’m always getting ahead of myself in my storytelling!

So, I was rushing to class. When I got to the gym, there were no little towels! This was extremely annoying, because anyone who takes indoor cycling classes knows the little towels are essential! The crazy part: I thought about bringing my own little towel when I left home, but thought, you fool! They have free towels at the gym! Why would you make more laundry for yourself? I was wrong. There weren’t any on any of the stands leading up to the studio on the third floor, they never let you take them at the front desk (which is weird, because that’s how they do it at every other gym I’ve ever been to), and they didn’t have any in the studio! I’m guessing it’s because it was so hot and humid that people were just going through towels like crazy that day.

Anyway, I got up to the studio, and saw the sign on the door.

I was about to take a 75-minute class?! I definitely wasn’t ready for it, in more ways than one.

Gina always tells her students that you should sing along if you know the words to the song, which I often do because I have no shame. Today, she also said that the area up front was the dance floor, and if you felt moved to get your groove on up front, have at it. Wut?

I didn’t pay those instructions any mind until we got toward the end of the class and this song came on called Wiggle Wop. Gina got off her bike AND STARTED WORK. ING. ITTTT! Like, it went on for probably a solid minute. She was getting her life, y’all! She always encourages us to “shake what your mama gave ya,” which is totally the best thing you can ever really do, right?

At one point, during “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars, this one older woman got off her bike, and made her way to the “dance floor” (which Gina identified as the area at the front of the room where there aren’t any bikes). You know that face you make when you’re at the bar or sitting down and your jam comes on, so you put on that dance face as you WERK your way towards the dance floor? That face? Homegirl had it on, and was all the way turnt up. She was jammin’ up there, singing along, and really just enjoying life in that moment. But that wasn’t it, y’all. At one point, she walked behind the instructor… AND GRABBED AN EFFING TAMBOURINE! I can’t make this stuff up, guys. This lady went to church up at the front of the room. I didn’t know it when I was walking into class that morning, but this was everything I needed!

Her playlist was extra fire on Saturday, too! We had all types of songs, and one that was especially cool was this Lin Manuel Miranda song for Puerto Rico. The theme of our ride was “Sweat for the Storms,” so we heard music from a few Boricua artists. Afterwards, we could donate to organizations that are supporting the impacted by the series of hurricanes we’ve experienced in the US in the last month or so.

I really love my gym, and I absolutely love Gina’s indoor cycling class. She has such a wonderful spirit, and I love how you feel like you’re at a house party when you’re there. I hope I can channel my inner Gina when I finally start teaching!

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