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Workout Wednesdays: Wardrobe Malfunction

Happy Hump Day, y’all!

I’ve started hitting the gym more frequently as of late. Single Lex (yes, that’s a thing now) is bringing sexy back! Now that I’ve gotten my cardio game up, I’m ready to start incorporating more strength training into my schedule, which of course requires more visits to my local Washington Sports Club. Strength training will make me a better volleyball player, runner, and all-around athlete. In addition to all of those benefits, I also miss pumping iron and flexing my guns!

Last week, though, I was so embarrassed, I could not focus enough post-embarrassment to let you guys know about the amazing workout I did! Super embarrassed. And you know what? I don’t even embarrass easily! So what happened?

I showed up at the gym in the outfit above, feeling cute. I had this awesome workout that Paige from Your Trainer Paige posted a couple of weeks ago, and I was ready to get on my grind. Seriously, that workout is legit. I’d never heard of complexes before, but I’m glad I finally tried them. Plus, hello. Move over, forearm planks! There’s a new nemesis in town! (I’m looking at you, renegade rows.)

Anyway, so I ran on the treadmill a bit before I started the complexes, and got a little sweat going. I wiped down my machine, and moved over to the free weights. I found a corner where I wouldn’t be disturbed, and got to it. 
Slowly, different dudes started to come over to my area. There were some cute ones, too! I thought, oh, hey! Yeah, I see you giving me the eyeball! I just knew I was too cute. I went through the majority of my workout, feeling sassy and confident. Then I looked in the mirror. 

BOOBS! They were all I could see! You see, I had on a brand new shirt, so I didn’t know that it would turn sheer as soon as I started sweating. Add in the fact that I was doing a significant amount of bouncing, and then you’ve got Girls Gone Wild: Blogger Edition. I was so embarrassed! I finished up quickly and headed to the locker room, not making eye contact with anyone until I got changed and walked past the desk folks on my way out.

I guess you could say I accidentally brought sexy back. 🙁

Have you ever been embarrassed at the gym? Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction at the gym? Are you bringing sexy back this summer?

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