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Weekly Recap: Ending the First Month of 2020

Last week was busy! I did a lot of activities, and while I wish I could say that I feel so refreshed because of it, that would just be a lie. By Sunday morning, I was so rundown that I had to cancel my morning running plans because I felt so terrible I couldn’t even get out of bed. Rough! Eventually, I was able to log some extra zzz’s into my sleep bank and feel a bit more energized before going about my day. I think the funky non-winter-winter weather has really been messing with my mind and body!

Yesterday was exhausting as well, but I’m already starting to feel the week change course, and I’m hopeful that I can get back on a regular sleep schedule before the end of the week.

And now, without further ado, let me walk you through my last week, starting with yesterday!


I decided to try Meatless Monday for February. I used to do it more regularly, and I liked the feeling of creativity in the kitchen when trying to find different ways to get all of the nutrients I need from a plant-based day.

Since we started the #DMVFebruaryChallenge on Saturday, I made all of my meals for the next few days and was very deliberate with my meal plan for yesterday. I actually packed breakfast, lunch, and dinner into my awesome new lunch bag. I ended up not eating my dinner because I was just feeling super stressed – which is weird coming from someone who stress eats – but I got plenty of food in my system throughout the day.

I’m actually in the process of finding an eating schedule that works for me while also playing around with my carbs and veggies, so it was super helpful to find what filled me up at lunch yesterday. The answer? My tofu tacos, which were extra spicy this time!

My fitness activity was volleyball. I had a swim scheduled, and even packed my clothes, but I ended up getting stuck at work for a lot longer than anticipated, so I had to skip the swim. I’m going to try to make it up on Wednesday or Friday. Fingers crossed!


As I mentioned, I woke up feeling cruddy, so I sadly missed my run with Black Girls Run to celebrate the conclusion of our 31-Day Ragnar Challenge. This challenge pushed us to get some physical activity every day for January. I loved the accountability of our Facebook group and the inspiration to try new workouts and to set new goals. I was bummed to miss the run, but I really needed the few extra hours of sleep I got when I went back to bed. On the plus side, now I have a running outfit all laid out in case I go for a run this week!

I went swimming yesterday, and while it wasn’t my best swim, I did notice that I’m getting better from week to week. Swimming is tough for me, and one of the biggest mental blocks I have is that I’m not going to become an Olympic-level swimmer overnight. It takes time, practice, and patience. Not easy when you’re Type A and want to be great immediately!

After my swim, I grabbed a ton of groceries so that I could start meal prepping in the evening. I went shopping with my friend Tikima, and we both pointed out some of our favorites from Trader Joe’s (TJ’s). I ended up picking up a couple of things that I didn’t know they sold (such as roasted, peeled baby beets!), and sharing some of my TJ’s tips with Tikima.

I capped off the night by meal prepping and recording an episode of the Fit Black Queens Podcast, which I’m co-hosting with some of my friends.


Saturday morning kicked off with me teaching indoor cycling. My Saturday class is always such a treat! They’re ready to work hard, they have great energy, and they’re such a joy to teach! I definitely built a tough workout for Saturday morning, and at 60 minutes, it takes a lot out of you as a teacher! After class, I chilled out for about 20 minutes before I moved on to my own strength training session.

Now that I’m working with a personal trainer once a week, I decided to commit to more strength training on my own time. This was my original goal, but I haven’t been great about sticking to it. I decided that I really want to make Saturday my second strength day, and I want to focus more on upper body and core than I would with my trainer. I really want to get a lot stronger in my core and upper body, and we focus a lot on the lower body during my training time; however, I want to get stronger generally and lose weight, so I’m more than happy to lift heavy on Tuesday nights! Trying to focus on the lower body after teaching a 60-minute class is probably not too realistic to me, so I used this time to focus on some areas I don’t usually isolate on Tuesdays, namely my biceps and triceps.


On Friday, I walked a bit, but it was mostly a rest day for me. Last week was extra exhausting because it was the first full week I’d had (as far as my regular fitness activities) in a couple of weeks. Getting back into your routine can be tough!

On Friday afternoon, I was interviewed by Giant Food for their “Nutrition Made Easy” podcast. I cannot wait to share the final version with all of you! It was so fun and eye-opening recording this episode, so I’m excited to hear how it turns out.


Thursdays are always my longest days. I start the day by teaching indoor cycling at 7 a.m., I rush to clean up and change into my work clothes, and I often have a work meeting that starts at 8 or 8:30 that I’m rushing to. Thursdays are busy days at work, so I’m go-go-go as soon as I walk through the front door of our office.

Depending on the day, I’ll either head straight to volleyball, or I’ll go home and try to rest or just chill for a couple of hours until I have to head to my game.

I played pretty terribly on Thursday, I have to admit. Sometimes I get so stuck in my head and focusing on how bad I’m playing that I only start playing worse! My goal this upcoming Thursday is to just chill out and not worry so much. I’m not playing for cash or a gold medal, for Pete’s sake!


This was the darkest day of the week for me. I was very upset and decided to go for a long walk and grab some lunch by myself. I just needed some fresh air and exercise to adjust my attitude. While I was out on my walk, something crazy happened – the power went out in my building! Magically, my bad mood just vanished when I found out I wasn’t going to have to go back in! 😛


Every Tuesday, by the time I sit on my bike at the front of the room, I feel like my indoor cycling class is just what the doctor ordered. There’s something about a long Monday that can make your Tuesday night cardio workout feel magical! Or does that just happen to me? Regardless, I feel the weight of the week thus far sort of melt away. Tuesdays are the days where it’s usually been the longest time since the last time I taught. (All of my other classes are every other day.)

My personal training sessions take place right after my class, and my trainer has been getting my butt in gear! My deadlift is getting heavier, my core is getting stronger, and my workouts are getting more challenging. I’m definitely seeing results and loving it!

Last Monday

My first workout of the day was a pool workout. This has been the toughest part of my triathlon training so far, but I’ve come a long way over the last few months. I’m hoping things get progressively better in the next four months leading up to the race.

I played some coed volleyball for a couple of hours, which is something I really miss doing with my old team! Nonetheless, I have fun subbing for this league when they need me. There are a lot of cool people there, and it’s just my speed after a long day at work.

Final Takeaways

I really need to get some better sleep! This will help with my workout recovery, which I struggled with over the week. (Can you say, sore lats?) The upcoming week will also be filled with fitness, but it’s the calm before the storm of the following week, where I’ll be traveling and getting in some additional workouts.
How was your week? Did you do anything exciting? Do you have any tricks to help you sleep better?

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