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Can I Take a Rest Day Now?

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been getting my sweat on ALL. WEEK. I am more than halfway through my first Whole 30 program, and I’ve finally gotten into a groove with fueling myself with Whole 30 approved foods so that I don’t feel totally drained by the end of the work day.

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I had my first volleyball game in a couple of weeks. I was less than stellar, and a little disappointed in my performance. I was definitely feeling rusty, especially since it was coed and I was playing on a men’s net (it’s higher than a women’s net). After the game, I went to my parents’ place to watch Fear The Walking Dead and eat a Whole 30 approved dinner. By the time I got home, I was totally wiped out!

Another volleyball night! This night, we had a pretty late game. We won this game, but I still didn’t play as well as I can. I played much better than Sunday night, and I definitely felt lighter on my feet and that I could jump higher. Nevertheless, I still need to get some more playing in if I want to get back to my A game by the time my club season starts!

I usually have volleyball on Tuesday nights, but we had a bye this week. Instead of just going home and watching Real Housewives, I decided to go to spin class at my gym. I went to this spin class last week, and I really enjoyed it! Char is such a fun teacher, and she has great playlists for the class. AND, as a bonus, a member of the gym staff – Nina – brings in cool, wet towels for everyone towards the end of every class. It feels amazing!

Yoga! Woohoo! I desperately needed some yoga by Hump Day. My calves and hamstrings were tight from volleyball and spin class, so I was so happy to head to the free yoga class at work. I’m still adjusting to this teacher’s style (and I miss Sarah!), but I actually was happy with this week’s class. I was especially proud of myself for almost hitting crow pose. I’m determined to get there before the end of the year, dangit!

Another gym day! I took this awesome BodyPump class at my gym. The teacher really kicks your butt, and my shoulders are still burning from Thursday’s class! I’m not a huge fan of the music, but I’m a super fan of the burn! I’m apparently a lunatic, because after BodyPump, I took this CX Worx class that just destroyed my core. It hurt so good! It was definitely challenging, despite being only 30 minutes long, but I now know of another amazing class I can take at my gym!

Extend Yoga is still my favorite yoga studio in the area. This week’s evening community practice kicked. my. butt. Seriously, I don’t know that I’ve sweat so much in a class that was not hot yoga. It was so hard! Because I was so tight from all of this week’s workouts, I was totally unprepared for all of the core work we did during our practice. Lunges (because I didn’t do 80 million at BodyPump), crunches (because CX Worx wasn’t 30 minutes of almost all ab work), and just a whole bunch of other tortuous moves. I really struggled through class, but I was proud of myself for not giving up.

Rest day! Hallelujah! I was really debating going on a trail run or practicing some yoga, but I decided that I really needed to give my body a rest. I’ve put my body through a lot this week, and it earned a rest day!

Coming Up Next Week:
I had my first volleyball tournament in months yesterday, more volleyball throughout the week, and finally, because (as I said earlier) I’m a lunatic, I’m heading up to Ohio at the end of the week to run my second Ragnar — this time it’s a trail relay! Did I prepare for this? Nope. In fact, I haven’t run since I started the Whole 30. 😐 I actually just agreed to do it on Friday morning, so… there’s that. Pray for me, friends! Next week is my last full week of the Whole 30, so I’m trying to figure out what I want to do next. I know for sure that I’m going to eat an entire block of gouda when all is said and done, but I think I might try to go Paleo afterwards (with an occasional piece of cheese here and there… maybe even sprinkled in :-P).

What did you get into this week? Did you give your body rest? Did you get to try a new activity?

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  1. I'm glad I got in that rest day, too! The Whole 30 has been great for me. I've really changed my relationship with food.

    If you ever want to get a team together for a relay race, I'm down! There's Ragnar, but there's also this great relay from Gettysburg to DC (American Odyssey Relay).

  2. Congrats on following the Whole 30 program. I have never tried it but have read great things about it. How awesome you get cold wet towels at spin class! Good luck at Ragnar! One day, I hope to get to one of their races. Thanks for linking!

  3. Congrats on following the Whole 30 program. I have never tried it but have read great things about it. How awesome you get cold wet towels at spin class! Good luck at Ragnar! One day, I hope to get to one of their races. Thanks for linking!

  4. Great active week and fun read my friend! Let us know how whole 30 is working out for you! Featuring your training log at this week's Sunday Fitness & Food! Have a great week Alexis!

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