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I’m (Probably) Crazy

I saw a really cool opportunity posted in the Maryland Bloggers Facebook group on Sunday, and thought, why not? It sounded like something that would be fun, challenging, and different — all things that I’m always looking for.

If you’ve been paying attention (which I know you have), then you know that I have really gotten into running. Sure, I don’t run as much as I play volleyball, but I do few things as much as I play volleyball. Ya know, things like sleeping and working.
So, when I saw something that was going to be fun, challenging, different, and focused on running, I definitely had to step up to the challenge. What is it that I agreed to do yesterday?
Run a 200-mile relay race! That’s right, y’all! I will be running the American Odyssey Relay next May! Okay, yeah, that is kind of insane, right? I’m not the only one who thinks I’m (probably) crazy, am I? 
So what is the race?
Essentially, you run a relay from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to Washington, DC. with a team of 12 runners. Each leg varies in length, and you do, indeed run overnight. (I’ll admit I was a bit freaked out after I agreed to run the race and saw that one of my future teammates ran a leg over the Antietam Battlefield at 2 a.m. SPOOKY!) The Washington Post did a pretty nice write-up of this and other relays that you can check out here.

Our team will be seeking sponsors and motivating each other mostly from afar, but I’m super excited to both meet the other members of the team and run a challenging race. Of course I will update all of my lovely readers as I prepare myself for what I am sure will be the most challenging fitness-related thing I’ve done in a LONG time (maybe ever!).

Have you ever participated in a relay? What’s the most challenging fitness-related activity you’ve ever done? Have you ever gone running at night? I’m totally insane, right?

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