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Tabata Treadmill Workout

Last month, I completed my first Tabata workout on the treadmill, courtesy of Carrots ‘n Cake.  It was challenging, but fun. I made some modifications based on my fitness level, but overall, it was a wonderful workout.

After that workout, I decided to begin developing my own Tabata treadmill workouts. I tested one out this morning, just to make sure that it was a good burn before sharing it with all of you. The concept is the same, with one caveat: Instead of just stopping and standing on the sides of the treadmill, keep moving! My teammate Lauren, who is a certified personal trainer, suggested that I do calf raises during the rest periods, that way I am still moving, and not putting too much stress on my body.

Let me tell you, those calf raises were no joke! The first few rest periods were fine, but my calves were SCREAMING by the end!

Here goes my first attempt at a Tabata workout! If you haven’t read my first post on Tabata treadmill workouts, check it out here so that you can make some notes on what worked best for me as far as transitions and music.

Equipment needed:

  • Stopwatch/Timer – I used my Gymboss2 app, and put it on the Tabata setting
  • Treadmill

Disclaimer: I am not a certified trainer, doctor, dietitian, or cat wrangler. Consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. 

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