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Weekly Run Down: Staying Active During a Short Work Week

Overview: I did a bit of swimming, strength training, and actually played volleyball this week! The Sweat Pink #HolidaySweat Challenge started this week, and so far I have checked off my 10 minutes of exercise each day.

I went swimming once again!


  • I taught my 45-minute SPARK class.
  • I played coed volleyball for two hours. I was definitely rusty, but I was glad I played. I got in a great workout and had some fun in the process.


  • I went for a swim at the OneLife in Rockville. This was my first time swimming in a saltwater pool, and it felt amazing! I’m hoping to swim here more often. After swimming, my friend Tikima and I went and grabbed some green smoothies.
  • I also had a personal training session. This one kicked my butt! I love lifting heavy and running a couple of circuits at the end is a great way to finish.


  • I taught a 60-minute turkey burn class. We had a great time and got in a good sweat before all of the Thanksgiving festivities.
  • I was really surprised that I didn’t eat 8 plates for dinner. I only ate about 2 plates worth of food, which is pretty remarkable, if I may say so myself. I’m half proud and half disappointed. I usually go in on Thanksgiving, but not this year.

This was my Opt Outside day! I went with a group of friends to Patapsco Valley State Park where we went for a 2-hour hike.

I normally would want to do some strength training after class, but I caught a cold, so I went to the urgent care facility instead. So lame!

I felt like pure doodoo! I stayed in bed all day, under the covers, coughing, and congested. Not a good day!

Though my week started out with a bang, it ended with a big plop. I’m hopeful that I can turn things around next week. Stay tuned!

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