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Workout Wednesdays: Spring into Spring

Tomorrow marks the first day of Spring! Are you ready?

It’s hard to believe that we’re about to enter the next season, considering that we just had a snow storm in DC on Monday. While I’ve enjoyed all of the snow days (there have been a LOT), I am extremely excited for warmer weather. I love going for runs when it’s warm and sunny out. It gets me into a great mood, and I love being outdoors. I’m looking forward to getting some hiking and outdoor climbing in, as well as some long bike rides. And disc golf! I didn’t forget disc golf! So much fun!

I’m planning to drop my gym membership after this month since I almost never use it anyway between volleyball and some of the other workouts I’m getting in at other facilities. I really like my gym, but there’s no point in spending money on a gym you rarely visit, right? I can use that money to compete in some races, and people, I cannot wait to run some races this Spring!

Hopefully my allergies are less violent this year. Last year was brutal! I was just in a perpetual state of sinus infections. Speaking of allergies, one of my friends made this ridiculous comment about spring:

“Everybody loves spring. I hate spring — the season where my body attacks me and I feel like I’m going to die! I can’t wait until winter when everything is dead and I can breathe again!”


Not gonna lie, though: That’s exactly how I felt last year. I wanted to rip my sinuses from my head, they hurt so bad! We have pretty bad pollen in the D.C. Metro Area, and I miss the days when I lived in NYC and didn’t have to deal with it. But, it’s just so PRETTY and WARM! So much better than some of those swampy summer days. Fall and Spring are definitely my favorite seasons. The weather is nice, and it feels good to be outside. Plus, is it just me, or is the music more upbeat and fun when it’s warm outside?

What is your favorite season? How are you planning to spend the Spring Equinox? What are some of your favorite outdoor activities?

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  1. I love Spring as well! IT IS MY FAVORITE!
    I can not wait to run outside again and be one with nature!!!!!!!! And the SUN. Oh I miss the sun 🙂

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