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7-Day Running Plan

running plan

The Run This Year April Challenge has really kicked my butt into gear!

The challenge for today was to create a seven-day running plan. I had never planned out runs before (aside from back in my coaching days), and I was really intimidated by the fact that I was going to have to factor running into my already packed schedule.

It was a really great challenge, though, because it allowed me to think up some running goals. Obviously, I want to be able to run faster, and for a longer amount of time, but the challenge was trying to map out how I was going to get there, and which steps I could take this week to move closer to those goals. I mean, you don’t just wake up one day and say, gee. I think I’ll run faster today. That takes time and effort!

So, here’s my plan, along with the #RTYApril challenges that accompany each day:

  • Sunday (today) – Interval Run
    • I’ve basically been doing interval runs with my Couch to 5K app, which will be great for today. I haven’t done it in about a week, as I’ve been working on improving my mile time.
  • Monday – Timed Mile
    • The challenge for Monday is to post your favorite thing for hydration. I figure, what better way to show it than to sweat my bum off and actually need to rehydrate for real for real? I’m going to work really hard on Monday to shave time off my mile. Fingers crossed!
  • Tuesday – Rest Day
    • I have Tuesday as a rest day, but just a rest from running. I actually have a volleyball game that night (like Monday), but I will definitely need a break from running by then. Tuesday’s challenge is to snap a photo of yourself striking a yoga pose for runners. I still need to do a little research for this one, because I’m not really sure what is considered a yoga pose for running. I have a couple of days to figure it out, though. 🙂
  • Wednesday – Bikram Yoga or Kickboxing
    • The challenge for Wednesday is to cross-train. What’s funny is that running is basically cross-training to me. My main sport is volleyball, so really, by this point in the week, I will have cross-trained for two days in a row! I will most likely do hot yoga on Wednesday, but my schedule might get a little crazy this week. We’ll see! I’ve been really wanting to get my sweat on again.
  • Thursday – Trail Run
    • I’ve been wanting to try a trail run since the first 60-degree day of the year. I’m so glad it’s one of the challenges! I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, but I’m so looking forward to trying it!
  • Friday – Track Workout or Tabata Treadmill Workout
    • Putting together this seven-day plan required me to look at the weather predictions for the week. Considering this hot mess weather we’ve been having since the beginning of the year, I’m not so sure how my planning is going to work out, but I’m hoping for amazing weather. Nevertheless, the forecast for Friday is not looking so pretty. As a result, I’m not yet sure if I’ll be doing a workout on the track (like I’d like), or if I’ll be doing a Tabata workout on the treadmill. I’m hoping I can run on the track because trying to get a running selfie is going to be awkward enough without having other people around to see me do it! Oh, right. The challenge for Friday is a running selfie. I haven’t a clue how I’m going to do this. This is actually the one on the list for the entire month that stuck out as the most challenging for me, believe it or not. If anyone has any ideas as to how one takes a running selfie, please share!
  • Saturday – Track Workout/Timed Mile
    • Saturday is going to be NUTS! I’m supposed to have a volleyball tournament that day, and part of the way through the tournament, I’m supposed to head across town to take my first class in this swimming course for which I’ve signed up. Then, when it’s all done, I’m supposed to head back to the tournament! Oh, and when all of that is done, I’m supposed to find some energy to take a photo of me running on a track. Ay caramba! 

Looking at my list, I know how I’m going to start the following week: REST DAY!

Have you ever put together a running plan? What sorts of things were in your plan? How would you like to improve your run?

7-day running plan
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