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The Foam Roller Video That Changed My Foam Rolling Experience

Thursday evening, I am leaving town for Gettysburg, Pennsylvania! That’s right, my lovelies — it’s finally time for the American Odyssey Relay! I’ll be racing with Team Bloggin’ & Joggin’ from May 1-2, relay racing from Gettysburg, PA to Washington, DC. Unbelievable, I know! If you asked me this time last year if I would even consider doing something like this, I can’t even imagine the stink eye I would’ve given you!

Because I am running three legs of this race over a 24-36 hour period, I have been resting all day, and played about half the amount of volleyball this week that I normally would. This makes my heart sad, but it makes my legs feel a lot better!
After running the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, I needed to give my body some love. I decided to use my foam roller to aid in the recovery process, and discovered that I am still in love with my foam roller!

Stretching after a race is extremely important, since your muscles can get all tight and achy, and it will make recovery so much harder if you don’t stretch! I’m sure there are about a million scientific reasons why you should stretch after racing as well, but I ain’t no scientist. (You didn’t think I was, did you??) I had some super basic foam roller stretches in my repertoire, so I decided to search the Interwebs for some new stretches. What I found changed my foam rolling life.

So there’s this trainer named Ashley Borden, who kinda reminds me of Lisa Rinna. She doesn’t really look like her, but I’m getting a Lisa Rinna vibe from her, so let’s just go with it, okay? Anyway, Ashley Borden is a trainer who works with a lot of celebrities (including Ryan Gosling!), and she makes dope foam roller videos, among other things.

She has this one video with a foam rolling routine that had me making so many noises, I’m glad none of my housemates heard me. 😐 Check it out below! If you decide to do it, make sure that you pause the video in between stretches, as you really want to make sure that you fully roll out the areas that need a little extra love.

Don’t own a foam roller? This foam roller is similar to the one I own – LuxFit Premium High Density Foam Roller (affiliate link).

And in a sleepy haze, I leave you this gem, which I believe truly demonstrates my sometimes questionable taste in music. Enjoy!

Did you try the foam rolling routine? Did you love it? Have you ever run a relay? What do you do to recover after a race, besides eat like a sumo wrestler and maybe drink some beer?

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