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What I Did (or Didn’t Do) This Week

This week was super wacky. I don’t know if any of my readers out there live in the Baltimore-Washington Corridor, but if so, you know what I’m talking about. We have had some brutal weather (yes, I acknowledge that we’re punks about the whole thing), and with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and a snow day back-to-back, I barely even know what today is!

Because of the nature of my job, I worked all day Monday, and was so exhausted by the end of it all. I also realized early on that I’d forgotten my FitBit for an early morning event where I walked a ton. Blergh!

That evening, I drove out to Baltimore for a volleyball game. My team won, qualifying for the quarterfinals next week. Woohoo! This Monday season has been a bit of a bummer, despite winning all but one match. I love volleyball, but I also love playing against good competition. In fact, as much as I hate losing, I’d much rather lose a hard-fought battle to a good team than crush some crummy team. Are any of you competitive in that way? I just don’t see the fun in destroying a much weaker team (unless, of course, your arch nemesis is on the team). In a couple of weeks, we’re going to move up to the next level, where we should see some good competition. I’m so excited!

On Tuesday, it snowed. AND IT WAS GLORIOUS! I slept like a bawse, and watched so much Netflix! Okay, wait. Maybe I shouldn’t be bragging about that…

Anyway, because it snowed, I actually missed out on a volleyball doubleheader. I was really looking forward to playing with my team, as well as subbing for my friend’s team. Oh well :-/

I did end up cooking up two healthy meals on Tuesday, though. I made a yummy chicken tortilla soup, and learned how to make tortilla chips (super easy. Will post later). I also made a pasta casserole with roasted artichokes, spinach, cheese, and homemade pasta sauce. YUM! I was bad, though. I’m not gonna lie. I also made Snow Day Coffee (that’s what I’m calling it). It was coffee with a little 2% milk, and a shot or two of Godiva Mocha Liquer. Yes, I got turned up, but I’m not ashamed! I still didn’t go over budget calorie-wise! I swear!

On Wednesday, I got my cold, lazy butt up and did a Workout Wednesday in my room. I’m still feeling the burn in my arms! It was definitely worth not being lazy. And, as a reward, I watched the Season 1 finale of Damages. I know I’m super late to the game, but Glen Close is so amazing. I can’t stop watching!

When I weighed myself on Thursday, I discovered that I was the lowest weight I’d been since May! I was so excited, I wanted to tell everyone. I didn’t end up telling everyone, but I told a bunch of people I knew would be happy for me. I’m kicking butt on this DietBet, and actually ended up losing my goal weight for the bet. YAY! I can’t even begin to express how happy I am. There are not enough exclamation points in the world!

I can’t wait until DietBet makes it rain on me next week! My goal is lose about another 20 pounds or so, so I’m not going to stop once I reach my goal. PLUS, I want to beat The Boyfriend and his dad at the challenge! I’ve been talking significant amounts of trash… (see above re: being competitive…)

Sadly, I have no volleyball tournament this weekend; however, I have something super exciting that I’m doing instead! The Boyfriend and I will be taking a cooking class at my favorite restaurant in Georgetown. It was a super sweet and thoughtful gift, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

I’ll be making up for my semi-lazy week by playing a ton of volleyball this upcoming week (including a coed doubleheader on Sunday), and hopefully beating a couple of my friends on FitBit. Seriously, some of them are tearing me up on there! Are you on FitBit? If so, add me as a friend!

How have you been dealing with this brutal POLAR VORTEX-laden winter on the East Coast? How have you been mocking your friends on the East Coast, for you West Coasters? Do you have any exciting weekend plans?

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