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I’m Almost Done with the Whole 30

Just one week to go in the January Whole 30! I’m proud of myself for making it this far, sad that I even had to do a reset, and mad that I still can’t have cheese. Suffice it to say I have a mixed bag of emotions.

This Whole 30 was actually easier for me than my first one, and more successful than my last one (where I let peer pressure end it a good two weeks early). I’ve been making all kinds of interesting dishes, and I’ve really enjoyed learning new flavor profiles and things that I like. Despite my cheese withdrawal/desperation, I’ve been mostly happy about my meals.

But I still threw a temper tantrum two weeks ago. I ain’t gonna lie.

When it comes to food, there are a few things you should know about me: I am obsessed with cheese (been that way since childhood. It is perfect, except for Swiss and Provolone. Why are you guys even considered cheese? YOU DON’T EVEN GO HERE!); I don’t eat pork, and rarely eat red meat (not for religious reasons. Just two things I didn’t eat growing up); I just started to like eggs a few years ago, but I won’t eat them runny; and, I don’t have a sweet teeth, but I do love salty and sour things.

I believe this combination of factoids led to my meltdown. There’s only so much chicken one person can eat when they’re prohibited from eating other things they like, and there’s so much egg a non-egg lover can eat in one month. So when I melted down that week, it went a little something like this:


How mature of me, I know. BUT, the important thing is that I’ve moved past it. I’m feeling good, looking good, and in a good place now. You’re not supposed to weigh yourself during the Whole 30, but I don’t care. It keeps me motivated, plus I’m in 3 Dietbets, so I have to weigh myself anyone. This all to say that I have lost about 15 pounds this month! I don’t feel bloated, my energy level is through the rough, my fat clothes are baggy, and my skinny clothes are starting to fit again. I know that it’s going to take a lot of hard work, self control. and consistency once I get into February, but I actually feel well-equipped to take on the challenge this time. I have a goal weight, and at this rate, I can probably hit it before the summer!

On top of changing my eating habits, I’ve been exercising much more consistently, and doing more HIIT workouts (thanks to Gixo and my newfound nemesis Les Mills GRIT). There are free fitness events all over the Washington-Baltimore area, so I’ve tried out a couple this month. I have a Sweat Pink DMV event I’m going to on Sunday which should be super fun, and since it’s a barre class it should be a good workout on those tiny muscles I haven’t been engaging. Mixing up my fitness routine has definitely been leading to great results, and I can physically see my body getting stronger.

Hopefully after my follow-up doctor’s appointment tomorrow, I’ll be able to know if my rotator cuff is still torn, and what the next steps are to healing it. It’s thisclose to being totally healed, but not quite there, so I went and got an MRI at the behest of my sports doc. Fingers crossed that I don’t have to have any type of procedure done! Once I’m given the green light, I can focus more on building upper body strength, and start taking a few classes I’ve been wanting to try throughout my injury.

For now, I just need to start mapping out my post-Whole 30 diet to ensure success throughout February – my birthday month. I know I’m going to cheat on at least two days (my birthday and Super Bowl Sunday), but as long as I eat healthy the rest of the days, exercise, and don’t go overboard on those cheat days, I should make it into March just dandy!

It has been really helpful to have my fiance encouraging me throughout the process. I don’t want to snub him his mention (especially since I made him take a ton of stupid pictures of me last night). He’s definitely been a big help. He’s picked up Whole 30 friendly foods for me for days where I won’t get to eat a healthy meal otherwise, or when I’m getting home later than him. It’s really hard to do the Whole 30 – especially alone – and since I don’t have friends joining me this time, he’s made a big difference. That meltdown day? Yeah, he talked me down from that foolishness. I needed it, too. I might have gone into the cheese aisle at Whole Foods and turned into the Tasmanian Devil for all I know. Clean up on the cheese aisle!

How are your resolutions and goals going thus far in 2018? Has anyone helped you achieve your goals? Have you had any moments of weakness? Have you had any good cheeses lately?

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