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February 4K by 4PM Challenge

It’s here!!!! What’s here, you ask? Why, only February, the BEST MONTH OF THE YEAR! Yeah, my birthday is coming up in just under two weeks, and I am excited about that, but I’m also excited to share some amazing news with you guys:

The February 4K by 4PM Challenge is starting! Woohoo!

This time around, there’s a twist: I’m giving away prizes! Two super engaged participants are going to win a $25 Amazon gift card! If a lot of you get super engaged in the challenge, I may even be extra nice and throw in some extra prizes!

Just as a reminder, the #4Kby4PM Challenge encourages you to take 4,000 steps by 4 p.m. each day. The idea is to be less sedentary during the hours when many people are the least active – during the workday. You don’t need a specific fitness tracker in order to participate (you can use an old school pedometer or even just your phone). Just remember to always consult your physician prior to starting a new exercise program!

To officially enter the February 4K by 4PM Challenge:

  • Sign up here
  • Tag me @flecksoflex on social media and use the official challenge hashtag #4Kby4PM so your participation can be counted! 
  • Optional: Complete the Rafflecopter below for additional entries.

Make sure you’re following me on social media. I just might be posting some hints on how to earn extra entries and participation points along the way!

Why am I running the 4K by 4PM Challenge again?
Well, if you’re paying attention, you know that I just ran this challenge in January, but also that I have been garbage at getting those steps in regularly! I need some additional motivation this month, so I’m hoping to get more of you engaged for an extra motivational boost! I also want to focus on moving around more during the work day because my hips have been getting so tight lately, and my poor shoulders are suffering, all from sitting at a desk all day. Teaching indoor cycling three times a week and playing volleyball three to four times a week certainly ain’t helping! I really have to get better about moving around and getting the blood flowing during the day. I’m hoping that continuing this challenge for another month will help me get much better at taking breaks from sitting!

What do I get out of participating?
Well, hopefully, you will win some prizes! And me? I get some extra accountability buddies! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been inspired to get up and get to stepping because one of you has tagged me in your Instagram stories. You guys rock!

So how about it? Are you in for the February #4Kby4PM Step Challenge???

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